Don’t Tell Me We Weren’t Vigilant

I got mad and wrote a pitch e-mail to an editor this week that was basically THERE IS A SWARM OF HORNETS COMING OUT OF MY FACE and this is the result: 

Women did not cause the current clusterfuck by “taking our rights for granted,” and we don’t get any further along in a fight we are already expected to fight alone by implying that if we’d simply been more vigilant, Republican men wouldn’t have been so evil.

I want to reinforce that point again and again and again. Women, especially poor women, women of color, young women, were never unaware that these were the stakes. If you’re mad at middle agedwomen, white women, then say that, because OH BOY IS THERE STUFF TO BE MAD AT US ABOUT, but stop lumping the people who tried to stop this in with the people who did it.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Tell Me We Weren’t Vigilant

  1. Yes. Yes. Thisssssss. Preach. I am so furious and have been working my asci off and my male friend have done crap nothing and now blame it on me? LIke you said, name who you are mad at because the lesbians, the women with disabilities, we have been fighting with every breath our bodies let us take to share….while some of our brethren sat back, I don’t know to do what. Thank you for your words.

  2. I’d just like to say that many of us old wimmens have been running around with our hair on fire since Ronnie Raygun. Call us a cluster of Cassandras.

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