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Well, this little Freeper went to market two Saturdays ago, after (of course) I had finished last Monday’s Obsession post, but it was too good to pass up, so here we go!

(Orange Julius may unscrew the pooch before this posts on the 1st, but I don’t care)

Trump delays planned ICE raids to see if Congress can solve border crisis
Fox News ^ | June 22, 2019 | Adam Shaw

Posted on 6/22/2019, 3:30:50 PM by Innovative

President Trump announced Saturday that a planned mass roundup of illegal immigrants by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is being delayed for two weeks, in the hope that a bipartisan solution to the border crisis can be reached.

“At the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border,” he tweeted.

“If not, Deportations start!” he added.


He is being reasonable, but not giving up the plan.
1 posted on 6/22/2019, 3:30:50 PM by Innovative
That’s not innovative, it’s just shit-stupid.
To: Innovative

I had guessed that his announcement of imminent roundups was a negotiating ploy with Congress. I am waiting to see what comes from his apparent vacillation on the Iran drone shootdown. He did NOT just “back down.” Something is in the works.

6 posted on 6/22/2019, 3:38:17 PM by arthurus (dd)

Of course something is in the works.   Possibly a monkey wrench.
To: TexasTransplant

Letting the democrats hang themselves with their own rope.

7 posted on 6/22/2019, 3:38:51 PM by riverrunner ( o the public,)

Well, this is going pretty much as expected…until…
To: Diana in Wisconsin

You mean the ones that believe enforcing the law is not a bargaining chip? How stupid are you trumpbots?

8 posted on 6/22/2019, 3:39:25 PM by SanchoP

To: Innovative
No, reasonable would have been acting on his campaign promises on this issue from the start. Not naming three consecutive anti-Trumpers to run DHS against all his stated immigration goals. Declaring the emergency we have and doing what’s needed with his executive powers from the start. Not sticking his feckless, Manhattan Democrat SIL in to give still more to the Dems on the issue this winter. Etc. Etc.
Empty threats and promises while letting in more, kicking out fewer, workplace raiding fewer, etc., than Obama.

Enough already!

12 posted on 6/22/2019, 3:41:03 PM by 9YearLurker



To: Innovative

Anyone seeing a pattern?

19 posted on 6/22/2019, 3:46:46 PM by ImJustAnotherOkie (All I know is The I read in the papers.)

Kinda sorta. Like 6 years ago.  Welcome to reality.
To: Innovative
what the hell is wrong with him?
If he says it he needs to do it.
Freaking empty threats.


26 posted on 6/22/2019, 3:53:35 PM by Chickensoup (Voter ID for 2020!! Leftists totalitarian fascists appear to be planning to eradicate conservatives)

Actually I AM seeing a pattern.
To: Innovative

My wife is a bigger Trump supporter than me and she is PISSED!

40 posted on 6/22/2019, 4:05:38 PM by TonyM (Score Event)

To: TonyM


I might be more pi$$ed than your wife.

66 posted on 6/22/2019, 4:37:52 PM by HighSierra5

I now pronounce you chump and sucker.  You may now kiss the schmuck.
To: Innovative


Just when he has the upper hand he falls for this crap.

41 posted on 6/22/2019, 4:07:48 PM by inchworm

I can’t understand what’s keeping the 13th-dimensional chess brigade…
Maybe they’ll show up after the “read more”?

To: Innovative


DACA, he gave them what? 6 months? and nothing. Then what happened? Nothing.

Wall funding? Gave them time and nothing happened and at least we are seeing a work around.

Mexico trade threats, still waiting on that one to see what happens.

He is masterful at raising a ruckus and moving the goal posts with very little happening to show for it.

I was hopeful but skeptical on the deportation claims now I’m doubtful and disappointed.

Congress has proven time after time what they will do and that is more nothing. I hoped he would just get on with punishing unlawfulness. Won’t do it but why not?

He has kept his promise to the corn farmers about ethanol though. Big woop.

Yeah, I’m a detractor and critic. I don’t have the faith of a child and I don’t just keep giving someone more and more chances without saying a word of doubt. I’m from Missouri.

60 posted on 6/22/2019, 4:32:16 PM by Sequoyah101 (It feels like we have exchanged our dreams for survival. We just hava few days that don’t suck.)

You boys sound disillusioned.
Well, as Basil once asked Manuel : “What – You – Do – NOW?
To: ImJustAnotherOkie


Yeah. And I’m not diggin it. Meanwhile another million interlopers are pouring in. It’s time to join or start a militia. It was ordered by the Declaration of Independence.

56 posted on 6/22/2019, 4:29:58 PM by HighSierra5

To: Innovative


This is getting to be a pattern. First Mexico, then Iran, now Nancy and Chuck. Drastic, take-no-prisoners threat, followed by sit-down. Art of the Deal.

62 posted on 6/22/2019, 4:33:34 PM by Eleutheria5 (If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.)

“Art of the fold”, more like.
To: TexasTransplant

They’ve already all been identified on this issue.

And we shouldn’t run policy based on trumping up campaign issues.



Trump was elected to deal with this. Not elected to deal with it if we re-elect him too.

63 posted on 6/22/2019, 4:34:31 PM by 9YearLurker

To: 9YearLurker


Trump’s election is turning out to have zero impact on the demographic transformation/destruction of our homeland. More third-world migrants will enter and remain in the USA under Trump than under any given four years of Obama. Don’t know exactly how to describe that, but it cannot remotely be described as success.

65 posted on 6/22/2019, 4:37:17 PM by Dagnabitt ( MAGA meant migration explosion?)

Someone finally responds to Sancho Panza :

To: SanchoP

Blow a Goat!

Sorry – not into hentai.

Yours Truly,

70 posted on 6/22/2019, 4:40:56 PM by Big Red Badger (Despised by the Despicable!)

You know, when you self-identify as a TrumpBot, it’s not exactly a declaration of intelligence.
To: Diana in Wisconsin


All tweet no cattle

83 posted on 6/22/2019, 5:23:50 PM by Long Jon No Silver

You misspelled “twat”.
To: SanchoP


They are very stupid. Just like the Bushbots from the 9/11 era. Everything is a secret plan, or 3-d chess or Bush, I mean Trump “playing the Democrats masterfully”, when in reality it is WEAKNESS, and proof the left’s final victory is merely delayed. WE are going to have to water the Tree of Liberty, because Trump can not, apparently.

92 posted on 6/22/2019, 6:18:13 PM by Captainpaintball

I’m definitely detecting a bit of disillusionment here.
Also, I can never read “water the tree of liberty” without someone taking a leak on it popping up in my mental Rolodex…
To: be-baw

Re: “Sounds like it was leaked. At least Tom Homan said it was.”Tom Homan was an Obama appointee.

Trump promoted him twice.

Now, Trump wants Tom Homan to be his “Immigration Czar.”

Total insanity.

97 posted on 6/22/2019, 7:44:38 PM by zeestephen
To: zeestephen


yup. It’s like the 8 year old who will clean his room tomorrow..

They will always tell you “I’ll do it tomorrow”

but they never do.

98 posted on 6/22/2019, 8:16:01 PM by cableguymn (We need a redneck in the white house….)

To: reformedliberal


He’s not playing chess; he’s playing chicken and losing badly.

103 posted on 6/22/2019, 8:22:03 PM by alstewartfan (“The strangest women run wild down there Covered head to toe with Fur and hair.” Al Stewart in Hanno)

See you good people next Monday morning.
Oh, and tihleigh Roach  – I have something here for you :
Was that too subtle?