I will stipulate to being a babykiller, okay?

When I tweeted about David Brooks being a tool and the GOP regime running concentration camps at the border, I got a flood of the usual critters accusing me of caring about children at the border but not children in the womb, so fine. I’m a huge huge huge huge hypocrite who feels very bad about my hypocrisy.

Can we close the camps now?

I got a flood of trolls pointing out that Obama opened holding facilities for migrants seeking asylum and that therefore these were Obama’s concentration camps. Fine. They’re Obama’s camps. Obamacamps, if you will. They’re the camps belonging to the last Democratic president who bears sole blame for everything that happens there.

Can we close them? Now that I’ve admitted it?

I mean it. If what is important to you, person on God’s internet yelling about hypocrisy, is that I, a liberal libby libtard, feels bad about my libtardedness, I will grant you that without reservation. I and my fellow Democrats are terrible people who bear all and sole responsibility for any immigration crisis you think exists.

NOW can we close the camps?

Because that’s the whole goddamn point here. That is the point of clowning on poor D-Brooks, who after all is really just a relic of the last world wandering sunblasted and dazed in this one. That is the point of yelling at the GOP about this; they’re the ones in power in the Senate and the White House.

It’s not to be right. It’s to get this shut down, today, right now, this very hour, so that no child, no family, no one has to suffer for even a second longer.

And make no mistake, we could fix this RIGHT THE HELL NOW.

We airlifted food into Berlin and rebuilt a bombed-out Europe after bombing it. We put a guy on the moon with basically a protractor and some duct tape and Katherine Johnson’s big gorgeous brain, we can do this. We can send our might rolling to the border not with guns and fences but with clean water and shelters and comfort and yes, god damn it, free health care and yes, god damn it, handouts of every kind.

We have the means, we have the people, we have the money. I felt this way about Afghanistan after 9/11, about the Gulf Coast after Katrina, about Puerto Rico, I feel this way about every pocket of unsolved poverty every time it’s held up to the light: We have armies. We have supplies. We have people who can think and work problems and we have the will.

We are held back by cowardice and pettiness so here we go: I am the worst and you can call me the worst online every day if you want.

If that’s what is holding you back. If that’s what’s stopping you. You can march on the camps in Trump’s name and liberate these people from Obama’s murderous baby cages. But march on them. And liberate them. House them, feed them, free them, welcome them.

Fix this. If that’s what this is about, this being right.

Because it can’t just be that you’re deflecting, right? It can’t just be that you’re looking to find way not to give a shit about this, not to join the vigils, not to read the stories, not to look at the faces of the children and see your own. Right? You couldn’t be that cruel, that small, that mean.

So it must just be about making me admit that you’re right. It must just be using these migrant children, these poor and desperate people who want a better life, to force me to admit that you’re right.

Okay. You’re right.

Now can we close the camps?


3 thoughts on “Just FIX IT

  1. Dear Democrats. Cancel your July 4 recess plans and come up with a plan to force the speaker to begin impeachment hearings in two weeks. This should have been done in February. Forget the Mueller report. Start the hearings with what is being done to children on the border since at least April 2018. This must be stopped.

  2. Yes, we have the will. At least, most of us do. Tragically, many of the people who don’t have the will are very rich and powerful, and will do anything to stay in charge.

  3. If the CBP camps aren’t an impeachable offense — remember, he could stop this with a stroke of his Sharpie — what about his taxes? What about obstruction of justice? What about his outreach to Putin, and the several private meetings between just them? What about the mockery he makes on a daily basis of our veterans, our armed forces, active service members, POW/MIAs, and those who died in our country’s service?

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