Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Chant Trix edition

Well, folks – this week’s “Obsession” pretty much wrote itself.

First, you had this :

Trump rally crowd chants ‘Send her back’ about Ilhan Omar
The Hill ^ | 07/17/19 | Brett Samuels

Posted on 7/17/2019, 7:18:02 PM by yesthatjallen

Supporters at President Trump’s campaign rally on Wednesday chanted “send her back” about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) after the president launched into a diatribe against the first-term lawmaker and Somali refugee.

Trump tore into Omar early on in his rally in Greenville, North Carolina, a continuation of his days-long attacks against her and three other progressive congresswomen. The crowd raucously booed Omar at the first mention of her name.

The president went on to accuse Omar of demeaning U.S. servicemembers and minimizing the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

“She looks down with contempt on the hard-working Americans saying that ignorance is pervasive in many parts of this country,” Trump said.

The crowd then broke into a chant of “Send her back” in reference to Omar, who came to the U.S. as a Somalian refugee as a teenager.

The president has in recent days targeted Omar and Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), claiming the lawmakers “hate our country” and suggested they should leave rather than complain about the government.

He sparked an uproar on Sunday morning when he tweeted that progressive congresswomen “who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe” should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”

1 posted on 7/17/2019, 7:18:02 PM by yesthatjallen
Places, everyone….
And we’re OFF!
To: yesthatjallen


Let them all pick the socialist shithole of their choice, send them there.

4 posted on 7/17/2019, 7:23:06 PM by 5th MEB (Progressives in the open; — FIRE FOR EFFECT!!)

Denmark? Finland?  West Virginia?
To: yesthatjallen
How’d this freaking Skinny
Apparently, “skinny” is the new “nigger”.
get in the wire, anyway. I hear our President brought up her marriage . . . to another Skinny, – her brother 😂This President kicks licks ass. 😂

8 posted on 7/17/2019, 7:24:52 PM by atc23
To: yesthatjallen


Such is the power of Trump’s ability to change the narrative, he single-handedly made the MSM give the toxic quadruplets more airtime than the entire Democrat presidential clown car combined.
Right now Democrats are wringing their hands in impotent despair  celebrating, at knowing they Trump just torpedoed the GOP and lost 2020.

14 posted on 7/17/2019, 7:38:40 PM by numberonepal (WWG1WGA)

You dumb fucks are lucky I’m not charging you by the word for copyreading.
A couple of Freepers glance outside their bubble:
To: yesthatjallen


I found that cringe worthy. Not helpful.

30 posted on 7/17/2019, 8:27:46 PM by… ( Donald John Trump has pulled the sword from the stone.)

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Will be spun as inciting racism, could lead to genocide.

15 posted on 7/17/2019, 7:38:55 PM by BusterDog

To: RoseofTexas


chithole = slit trench

39 posted on 7/17/2019, 9:59:30 PM by 353FMG

And THEN –
Trump disavows ‘send her back’ chant from his rally
Politico ^ | 07/18/2019 | Quint Forgey
Posted on 7/18/2019, 2:48:07 PM by SeekAndFind

President Donald Trump claimed Thursday he “was not happy” with the crowd at his campaign rally for chanting “send her back,” after he had goaded the North Carolina audience with a fiery attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar.

“I was not happy with it. I disagree with it. But again, I didn’t say that. They did. But I disagree with it,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office, adding that he “started speaking very quickly” in an attempt to silence the rally attendees.

Prior to the audience at Greenville’s East Carolina University breaking into their chant Wednesday night, the president tore into Omar, mischaracterizing past controversial statements by the Minnesota Democrat related to the 9/11 terror attacks and Al Qaeda that conservatives have seized upon in recent months.

Just before the incendiary refrain broke out, Trump accused Omar of having “a history of launching vicious, anti-Semitic screeds,” and then silently gazed out over the crowd for roughly 15 seconds until the cheers of “send her back” abated.

“It was quite a chant, and I felt a little bit badly about it,” Trump said on Thursday, later hailing the number of supporters inside the “packed arena” and boasting of the “tremendous support” and “great energy” enjoyed by the Republican Party.

“I say there is far more energy on the right than there is on the left,” he said, adding, “I think we have far more support than they do and I think we have far more energy than they do. And we’re going to have a very interesting election. But I was not happy when I heard that chant.”

1 posted on 7/18/2019, 2:48:07 PM by SeekAndFind
Uh oh.
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Truly a stupid and VERY bad move, Mr. President!

5 posted on 7/18/2019, 2:53:54 PM by nopardons

More Freeper reactions below the fold ….

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Whenever he says something cringeworthy, I am reminded to wait 48 hours

So – you wait 48 hours fifteen times a day? That sounds like spreadsheet material to me.

at which point something comes out and the statement was actually brilliant and the Dems blow themselves up again.

13 posted on 7/18/2019, 3:00:36 PM by Squeako (You can lead a progressive to water, but can you make him drown?) 

To: central_va
No, he isn’t; this flies in the face of what he said before and what his supporters believe. I doubt that he’ll lose support over this bit of caving; however, it stinks and looks bad.
19 posted on 7/18/2019, 3:05:36 PM by nopardons
Another Freeper stumbles and sees the light :
To: SeekAndFind
He does not want to fan the flames of hate no matter how much he disagrees with her, lest some nutcase acts on it and blames Trump.

44 posted on 7/18/2019, 3:40:03 PM by BitWielder1 (I’d rather have Unequal Wealth than Equal Poverty.)

To: mbrfl
LOL…you’re delusional IF you believe that Hilary is EVER going to be prosecuted and sent to jail!Omar will be fined ( as she has already been for some of her crimes )and allowed to “update”/change some of her past fraud; however, I have grave doubts that anything else will happen to her.

I doubt that this apology was Trump’s idea. I bet someone got his ear and convinced him to do it; unfortunately.

55 posted on 7/18/2019, 3:56:55 PM by nopardons
To: SeekAndFind


“”I felt a little bit badly about it””

That’s funny……I’m surprised he didn’t smile when he said it. I think I missed that part- “a little bit badly”….

56 posted on 7/18/2019, 3:57:28 PM by Thank You Rush

….and stick his tongue in his cheek, while unzipping his fly?  Missed opportunities….
To: Hot Tabasco
His apology was talked about on Hannity’s radio show.

FNC’s 6 PM news opened with it and are beating it to death right now. No doubt it’ll be on FNC all night and ALL of the other cable channels as well. Also, I’m certain that the other MSM channel shows will have it all night too!

This would NOT have become a cause celeb(sic), sans that apology!

And just as I brought up the old “LOCK HER UP” chant, it was just used against him.

And just WHY hasn’t anyone else on this thread cl,aimed that the apology was a misstep? I am correct and claiming that what I posted is a “condemnation”, is an hysteric, silly, unwarranted thing to say! I said that it was stupid and a bad move, as you very well know and it WAS! Nobody would be talking about it IF he hadn’t apologized. After all, he NEVER said it, nor chanted along with the crowd.

73 posted on 7/18/2019, 5:15:16 PM by nopardons
Well, if having what’s left of the GOP leadership go to Pence (NOT Donnie Darko) and tell him to have a Sunday-go-to-meeting with The Darnold to inform him what the optics on this little Chant Trix adventure look like (at least, to everyone who doesn’t subscribe to Das Sturmer) didn’t work, I’m thinking you’re out of options, and should probably prepare to ride this H-bomb all the way down.
And good riddance.
Hell – as far as I’m concerned, and the next rally, they should start chanting “KILL THE SKINNIES”.
Might as well get that mask all the way off.