Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – I Have No Words edition

Since it was a day that ended in “y”, yet another mass shooting :

Freepers are on the case!

BREAKING: Gilroy Shooter Identified as Iranian-American With Islamic Imagery on Instagram
Laura Loomer ^ | 07-29-2019 | Peter M. D’Abroska

Posted on 7/29/2019, 2:03:27 PM by Kevin in California

The shooter who killed three people and wounded at least 11 more has been identified as Santino Willian Legan, a described Iranian American.

Legan had an Instagram account on which he shared only three photos. One of the photos depicted Ali Asghar Vahabzadeh, Legan’s maternal grandfather.

1 posted on 7/29/2019, 2:03:27 PM by Kevin in California
You’d think that by this time, the Freeper predilection for blaming the dirty mooslimes for everything would have collapsed under the weight of its own stupidity.
To: Kevin in California


And, the liberals are going to ignore the raghead aspect and focus on the gun control cult.

5 posted on 7/29/2019, 2:08:35 PM by LouAvul

Aaaand – we’re off!

To: Kevin in California


don’t know about you, but I heard that Ilhan Omar put him up to it . . . must be true.

8 posted on 7/29/2019, 2:09:28 PM by RatRipper

To: Kevin in California


They’re still flooding into USA too. It’s long past time to repatriate the Muslims to their own wonderful peaceful civilized krapistans.

11 posted on 7/29/2019, 2:11:20 PM by faithhopecharity ( “Politicians are not born; they are excreted.” Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 to 43 BCE))

To: Kevin in California


And………’s a moslem.


He killed an 8 year old.

12 posted on 7/29/2019, 2:11:27 PM by combat_boots (God bless Israel and all who protect and defend her! Merry Christmas! In God We Trust!)

To: Kevin in California


So was this guy a Muslim or not?

That’s the only thing that matters.

21 posted on 7/29/2019, 2:21:20 PM by Neanderthal (As you import the third world, you become the third world)

The only.  Thing.  That.  Matters.
To: Kevin in California

Islamic imagery?

Well, that’s that!

Round up ALL the muzzies in the country and deport them.

Every last one of them.

If every gun in America is a potential mass murderer, and is guilty of all the shootings across the nation, then every last muslim in the country is responsible for the murders and terrorism of this terrorist.

22 posted on 7/29/2019, 2:22:56 PM by skimbell
And if it turns out to be a white gun nut?
One of the Freeperati errs on the side of caution :
To: Kevin in California


Iranians name their children Santino?

25 posted on 7/29/2019, 2:25:01 PM by angcat (THANK YOU LORD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!)

Shut up-a you face!
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38 posted on 7/29/2019, 2:45:40 PM by rktman ( #My2ndAmend! —– Enlisted in the Navy in ’67 to protect folks rights to strip my rights. WTH?)

And then, of course :
To: Tennessee Conservative


Fox radio news at the top of the hour called the shooter a white supremacist.

57 posted on 7/29/2019, 3:22:39 PM by JohnnyP (Thinking is hard work (I stole that from Rush).)

(this is my shocked face)
Reaction, she’s-a below-a da fold, capiche?

To: Kevin in California

There is little if any evidence that Legan was acting as a Jihadist. The book he recommended was written by a late 19th-century – early 20th-century Nietzschean Social Darwinist who worshiped the “strong man,” had anarchist sympathies, and despised Judaism and Christianity, which he thought were religions for the weak.

The shooter was just another hateful, lost young man who grabbed onto radical ideas wherever he could find. He did not have a coherent worldview other than hate and resentment.

9 posted on 7/29/2019, 2:10:30 PM by Steve_Seattle
Are you patriot Muricans gonna put up with that? Or is it easier to just shoot the messenger?
To: Steve_Seattle


Someone spends too much time hanging around the Lenin monument there in Seattle.

63 posted on 7/29/2019, 3:36:48 PM by lewislynn (The Democrat (not democatic) Congress #1 job is to find judges to stop the President)

To: lewislynn
“Someone spends too much time hanging around the Lenin monument there in Seattle.”
I don’t care if this comment is deleted, but screw you. I was born and raised in Seattle years before it became the leftist bastion that it has now become. You are a bigot, someone who judges people and generalizes about them and condemns them based on where they happen to live. You ought to be a leftist, it fits you. If I were a Southerner, and you were a liberal, you’d have the same mentality that you have now, judging people based on where they come from.As for the Lenin statue, I’ve seen it exactly once in my lifetime, when I attended a memorial service for my mother two years ago at a funeral home right across the street from it.

88 posted on 7/29/2019, 5:27:30 PM by Steve_Seattle
To: Steve_Seattle

The shooter was just another hateful, lost young man who grabbed onto radical ideas wherever he could find. He did not have a coherent worldview other than hate and resentment.

I agree. Freepers can get pretty stupid on these types of events, finding Islamic terrorism under every bush.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

The only “Islamic imagery” at the source article that I saw was a photo of his grandfather in traditional Persian attire.

When Muslims commit acts of violence in the name of Jihad, they shout their motives from the rooftops for all to hear. There is no need to read tea leaves to divine what happened.

100 posted on 7/29/2019, 6:21:22 PM by Drew68

And – abruptly, the thread fizzles out.
Imagine that.

Fortunately, the Freeperati have found the answer!

El Paso Terrorist Is a Hardcore Progressive (Trunc) ^ | August 4, 2019 | Nan and Byron McKeeby Posted on 8/4/2019, 5:23:48 AM by Enterprise

Full Title: El Paso Terrorist Is a Hardcore Progressive and White Nationalist: Wants Universal Income And Universal Healthcare

“In the near future, America will have to initiate a basic universal income to prevent widespread poverty and civil unrest as people lose their jobs (to automation). Joblessness is in itself a source of civil unrest. The less dependents on a government welfare system, the lower the unemployment rate, the better.

Yes – because “progressives” are SO into cutting assistance for poor people.

Achieving ambitious social projects like universal healthcare and UBI would become far more likely to succeed if tens of millions of defendants(sic) are removed.”

Yes – because “progressives” are SO into removing tens of millions from social services.


“I am against race mixing because it destroys genetic diversity and creates identity problems….But the idea of deporting or murdering all non-white Americans is horrific. Many have been here as long as the whites, and have done as much to build our country. The best solution to this for now would be to divide America int a confederacy of territories with at least 1 territory for each race.

Yes – because “progressives are SO into segregation. And stuff like this, of course :
“This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas”
I wonder what’s keeping the “deep state” conspiracy theory morons?

To: Georgia Girl 2


That’s right! This whole think(sic) reeks of utter BS. I read his whole manifesto and it seems just too much of a setup to make Trump look bad.

95 posted on 8/4/2019, 9:51:25 AM by GrandJediMasterYoda (As long as Hillary walks free, equal justice under the law will never exist in the USA)

I’ll say it one more time – he doesn’t need any help with that.
By the way – if the mass murderer did use the word “progressive” in his manifester, just remember that the Nazi Party had the word “Nationalsozialistische” in its very definition, even as they were beating up and killing actual Socialists in their run-up to power. Maybe he was trying to change the definition of “progressive” by seizing it for himself.
Also, calling something a word doesn’t make it that word.
I make a pretty killer homemade butter.  I guess I could call it “Tommy’s radioactive butter”, but that doesn’t mean you need to bring a dosimeter to the table.
And of course – the post of the thread!
To: Tennessee Conservative


Commies are masters of projection. Whatever they accuse the right of, that’s what they’re doing.

10 posted on 8/4/2019, 5:45:59 AM by VTenigma (The Democrat party is the party of the mathematically challenged)

See you good people next Monday.
God damn it.
I wrote the above post three days ago.
Three fucking days.
Don’t worry though – the Freepers are on it like Caucasian on rice.
To: dfwgator
Some people are just bad seed. 

But a lot of these lately seem like they were nice enough, as far as anyone could tell, until one day, BOOM. When they are Muslim (and supposedly moderate) we call it “Sudden Jihad Syndrome.” I don’t know what to call it when they’re white.

93 posted on 8/4/2019, 12:31:28 PM by A_perfect_lady (FOX has flipped. I am breaking the FOX habit. I have OANN on my Bookmark Bar now. No more FOX.)
I may have to take a short break.  This shit is starting to get to me again.