Album Cover Art Wednesday: Ric Ocasek, R.I.P.

Ric Ocasek recorded 7 solo albums: I have half of them. They’re overlooked and underrated but they’re good. He is obviously better known as the quirky front man of the new wave supergroup The Cars.

Ric Ocasek died the other day at the age of 75 according to most sources. His passing is not in dispute but his age is: I’ve seen it listed at 70 as well. I suspect that he’d be fine with that. Ric Ocasek was always in on the joke. His ironic detachment is what made The Cars’ video catalog so special: he knew that what he was doing was ridiculous. Rock and Roll is supposed to be fun. The Cars were always fun.

Here are covers from solo albums released in 1991 and 1997:

Now that I’ve posted two solo album covers, I’m going to mess with you and post some videos by The Cars in no particular order. Like Ric Ocasek, I’m always in on the joke:

At long last a solo video from the Fireball Zone album:

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3 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Ric Ocasek, R.I.P.

  1. I always considered the Cars as making bubblegum music. You may have to look that up and Wiki doesn’t quite hit my perception. Basically it’s main feature is it is catchy. Nothing wrong with that but not much right about it either. Except that popular music enters young peoples minds as markers of the exciting experience of adolescence and young adulthood. it isn’t about the music at all. Then again, nothing wrong with that but nothing can bring those memories back like a catchy tune. Just a warning however. Don’t wallow in nostalgia.

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