Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Fox on the run edition

Morning, all! Still not up to the 3+ hours it takes to crank out a standard 5 or 6-thread “Obsession” post just yet, but if it had to be just one, let it be this one:

Fox Business Benches Trish Regan After Outcry Over Coronavirus Comments
nytimes ^ | 3/13/2020 | Michael M. Grynbaum

Posted on 3/14/2020, 7:26:03 PM by bitt

The host of “Trish Regan Primetime” told viewers this week that concerns about the coronavirus were “yet another attempt to impeach the president.”

The Fox Business anchor Trish Regan, whose on-air dismissal of the coronavirus as “another attempt to impeach the president” left her cable network facing a firestorm of criticism this week, has been removed from her prime-time slot for the foreseeable future, the network said on Friday.

Ms. Regan’s 8 p.m. program, “Trish Regan Primetime,” is “on hiatus until further notice,” Fox Business said in a statement. The network declined to say if Ms. Regan would continue to appear on its other programs, saying that its coverage plans for the coronavirus crisis remained in flux.

Fox Business attributed the move to “the demands of the evolving pandemic crisis coverage,” saying it was shifting resources toward daytime coverage of the pandemic and global markets. Both “Trish Regan Primetime” and its follow-up at 9, “Kennedy,” will be replaced by general-interest programs.

1 posted on 3/14/2020, 7:26:03 PM by bitt
C’mon, Freepers – this is from “The New York Slimes” – surely you’re not buying into it?

To: bitt

Regan is probably fired.

Wait for it….

She might go to CNN or something.

3 posted on 3/14/2020, 7:27:34 PM by GuavaCheesePuff (I want to thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee-Old Yankee Stadium (1923-2008))

To: bitt

Time for folks to boycott faux news!! We made them we can break them!!!

5 posted on 3/14/2020, 7:27:56 PM by RoseofTexas

Of course you can.
To: bitt

She was a “It’s just the flu!” cheerleader.(Those sneaky Italians are just pretending to die by the 100s per day to hurt Trump.)

9 posted on 3/14/2020, 7:31:00 PM by Travis McGee (

Are you Freepers gonna let him talk about your eye candy like that???
To: Travis McGee

Can you take a minute from your “let’s panic over the Coronavirus” jihad and give me YOUR estimate of deaths in America from the Coronavirus that will occur for the full 2020 calendar year?

19 posted on 3/14/2020, 7:39:15 PM by House Atreides (Boycott the NFL 100% — PERMANENTLY)

Oooh – that’ll show him!
Maths are hard!
They’re even harder when “solve for Z” is dependent on “Y” being “People even dumber then Rand Paul”.
To: bitt
Funny how the NYT, et al. can lie, lie and lie some more and absolutely nothing happens to them.
21 posted on 3/14/2020, 7:40:26 PM by Chgogal (Never underestimate the stupidity of a DummycRAT voter. Proof: California, New York, Illinois.)
Hey! Maybe they didn’t even shitcan her?
To: bitt

Just yesterday it was read both Trish and Kennedy were to be put on hiatus (due to the crew needing to work on the CV coverage.) The two women will be returning at some time in the future.

101 posted on 3/14/2020, 10:13:29 PM by V K Lee (“VICTORY FOR THE RIGHTEOUS IS JUDGMENT FOR THE WICKED”)


To: bitt

Fox is trying to impeach Trump?

Um – he’s already BEEN impeached – just so ya know.

Should FOX foxes be put on the endangered species list?

8 posted on 3/14/2020, 7:30:52 PM by Paladin2

More after the jump, as the “It’s just the flu!” forces have it out with the “Exactly how stupid ARE you?” brigade…

To: bitt

That’s stupid, both of those women are pretty talented. Maybe both should go to OAN.

28 posted on 3/14/2020, 7:45:08 PM by McGavin999 (Queen Fancy Nancy Of North Poopistan)

To: McGavin999

Does OAN have the budget for those chicas? Great if they did but I think it’s a shoestring operation.

32 posted on 3/14/2020, 7:46:38 PM by nascarnation

ONAN has an intern whose sole job is to run up and down the street putting quarters in parking meters so the staff’s cars don’t get towed.
And speaking of self-abuse:
To: nascarnation

Might be but if they bring on some talent it might well fatten up that shoestring.

55 posted on 3/14/2020, 8:11:47 PM by McGavin999 (Queen Fancy Nancy Of North Poopistan)

I just put “fatten up the shoestring” in the list of “euphemisms for masturbation”.
It’s also the name of my next band.
Today, in “Mixing your metaphors” :
To: Travis McGee

She was a “It’s just the flu!” cheerleader.

Why are you still pushing this crap propaganda, did you not have enough this morning? Trish is CORRECT and you are not the smartest light bulb out there

56 posted on 3/14/2020, 8:12:20 PM by DanZ
To: JPJones

That sucks, I like her.

She is pretty easy on the eyes isn’t she?

63 posted on 3/14/2020, 8:19:55 PM by Bullish (Covfefe Happens)
And, of course, there’s the science buffs’ retorts:
To: McGruff

There is no pandemic crisis. I think this is going to be the nail in the coffin of liberalism in this country. We’ve already been getting commie cough since November. This is all a bunch of bullshit designed by the libs and prob the Chinese communists to cause chaos . 5,000 dead since November? Wtf that’s nothing in a world of 7.5 billion. I swear to god me and m family had this back in January up here in New Hampshire. I lost 20lbs it sucked but The media wasn’t going around freaking everyone out about it. Now it fits the movie script so they go with it and are finding it all over because it’s been here and they know it. This started coming about after the impeachment. Total bullshit to hurt the country and the president.

66 posted on 3/14/2020, 8:24:57 PM by BillyCuccio (MAGA)

Go lick a toilet seat.

To: bitt

I’m happy for her. FAUX does something to its hosts. They seem to mostly go insane.

Actually, it’s a prerequisite for getting hired there.

Maybe she can find something better to do, or a better place to work.

82 posted on 3/14/2020, 9:04:30 PM by Empire_of_Liberty

I hear WalMart is hiring.

Or, there’s always ONAN – I hear they’re gonna need a relief meter maid pretty soon now:


And, since I can’t let Adrastos have all the music video fun, here’s one from Sweet.
(I actually used to play this in my old band Grendel, and guess who got stuck with the high vocal parts?)
See you good people next Monday morning!