They Broke The Only Thing That Can Save Us

Every time I see somebody online whinging that there’s no leadership from Democrats, I want to scream, because: how would you even know? Trump’s briefings are carried live. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi could come out with a fifty-point plan OH WAIT THEY FUCKING DID THAT LIKE NINE TIMES AND NOBODY FUCKIN NOTICED.

I don’t know what to do with everyone not understanding this. Dem leaders aren’t assignment editors either, and until ours get a motherfucking clue and some sense of responsibility for the fact that their decisions are killing us Joey B. Shark could personally cure every coronavirus on earth and NPR would have a debate about whether continued human survival was an unseemly political stunt.

This is par for the course. The game is beyond rigged at this point. We have one system to save us, and they broke it, and we can’t use it to get rid of them, because they’ve made sure we can’t, but there’s no other way to do this.

We have a system that we have to use to fix the system that we can’t fix without a functioning system. Even during the Iraq War I didn’t feel this helpless, and fucking nobody was listening to anyone back then.

Like let’s game this out. Let’s say REAL DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP buys, like, an hour of TV time, like Obama did when he finally ended things in 2008. Let’s say we HAVE to listen for 60 minutes to the entirety of the Democratic plan.

Ten seconds after that’s done, Trump will tweet ARGLE BLARGLE FAIL WEAK and it’ll be the usual “Democrats laid out a plan for the country and Trump flung poo so really, both sides are at fault here, where is the LEADERSHIP” and we won’t get anywhere. I don’t … I mean, you fucking tell me, here. I am so tired of being told what to do to change when people are DOING THAT EVERY FUCKING DAY AND IT DOESN’T SEEM TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE BECAUSE THESE WASHINGTON ASSHOLES WANT TO TALK ABOUT WHAT HITS AND WHAT DOESN’T AS IF THEY DON’T DECIDE THAT.

And the thing is, this is why the past 40 years of talk radio and Fox News are important, why all us crazy liberals were screaming that “we report, you jerk off decide” was dangerous even though it sounded so innocuous, why what happened in Wisconsin in 2011 was catastrophic, why voter suppression is the issue of our time, because: this is all we have. We have the media we have, we have the system we have, and I don’t see how we can use something this broken to fix itself.

The ONLY way out of this is to vote in such overwhelming numbers in November as to make the GOP politically irrelevant at every level and even THEN we’ll have the Sunday shows on every airport TV going WHY DON’T DEMOCRATS HAVE ANY IMPACT ON THE FORUM I CONTROL, SO WEIRD.

What’s the way out of THAT? Christ, I’m tired.


3 thoughts on “They Broke The Only Thing That Can Save Us

  1. Name me one team D member who would say out loud they are anti fascist? None to my knowledge have volunteered to say it. So how are we to be lead by D’s? How?

  2. I think the problem with this is that younger voters & even some old farts like myself don’t watch TV anymore at all, at least not in the sense of anything that isn’t Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime. I haven’t watched any major nightly news since 2016 & I know I’m not the only one who opted out when it became the trump show.

    I agree with you about Dems needing to get their message out (what message, honestly) but who are you trying to reach? The people who hate Pelosi & Cuomo & Schumer are going to continue to hate those people. These are the people watching the nightly news, especially Fox News. I know, because I’m old enough to know & many of these people used to be my friends. Many of them are family members.

    LIsten, the Dems ruined their brand with the Clintons, when they went with the big banks & “reformed” welfare. Obama could have fixed all that but he didn’t. Again, what’s their message?

    Ya know why Dems don’t do anything? They’re on the gravy train, too. It’s in their best interests to do nothing at all. That’s the sad truth. They’re not as openly crass & vile as the GOP but tell me, how is this a virtue?

  3. Imma climb into that boat with ya, A-Lady.
    I’ve got this rum to share, calloused hands to help row. and some rags to help stop the leaks until we can beach this fucker safely.

    I’ll shout shit to the moon and Mael with you the entire way.

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