Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Covidiots edition

Good morning, constant readers – before we get to the nitty-gritty, some suggestions for nom-de-virus-denial protest groups :


And yes, I know “Y’all Quaeda” isn’t a new one.

First up – No recom-Pence!

Katie Miller, Vice President Mike Pence’s Press Secretary, Tests Positive For Coronavirus
Deadline ^ | May 8, 2020 | Ted Johnson

Posted on 5/8/2020, 1:52:10 PM by MinorityRepublican

President Donald Trump said that Katie Miller, Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary, tested positive for coronavirus.

Miller is married to Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s top advisers.

Earlier, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany confirmed on Friday that a member of Pence’s staff tested positive for coronavirus, but she did not identify who it was.

“There is a member of the vice president’s team who is positive for coroanvirus,” McEnany said. “We have put in place the guidelines that our experts have put forward to keep this building safe.”

Many more reporters were wearing face masks in the briefing room, a day after it was revealed that one of President Donald Trump’s personal valets tested positive for the virus. Trump and Pence took subsequent tests that came out negative, the White House said. On a call to Fox & Friends on Friday, Trump said that he was in the same room with the valet on Tuesday but does not recall any direct contact with the staffer, who is a member of the U.S. Navy.

1 posted on 5/8/2020, 1:52:10 PM by MinorityRepublican

That lightning just keeps striking all around The Darnold, does it not?


To: Sarah Barracuda


Who’s next. The big one?

3 posted on 5/8/2020, 1:54:42 PM by DIRTYSECRET (urope. Why do they put up with this.)

Not to worry!
First of all:  It’s a hoax.
Secondly:  COVID-19 most endangers people over 65 with underlying conditions like morbid obesity, and um……..never mind.

To: MinorityRepublican
Sheesh…I am sure Stephen is in contact with Trump daily 

4 posted on 5/8/2020, 1:56:11 PM by RummyChick ( Yeah, it’s Daily Mail. So what.)

Illinois Nazis say what?
(Stephen Miller at far left)
To: MinorityRepublican
Well, we do know that Pence doesn’t get alone or too close with female staff.
9 posted on 5/8/2020, 1:58:21 PM by Dr. Sivana (There is no salvation in politics)

(Norman Bates voice) “A boy’s best friend is his mother.”

To: z3n
Maybe time for masks? Do you want Pres Pelosi? because that is how you get… 

15 posted on 5/8/2020, 2:07:55 PM by Unassuaged (I have shocking data relevant to the conversation!)

God doesn’t love me that much.
To: MinorityRepublican
Trump and Pence need to be careful. They will look like fools if they get it. 

16 posted on 5/8/2020, 2:08:17 PM by plain talk

Much more – so much more – after the link thingy.

Next up – a stinking tide lowers all boats :

Nervous Republicans See Trump Sinking, and Taking Senate With HimNew York Times via Yahoo News ^ | April 26, 2020 | Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman Posted on 4/26/2020, 12:34:14 PM by John WWASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s erratic handling of the coronavirus outbreak, the worsening economy and a cascade of ominous public and private polling have Republicans increasingly nervous that they are at risk of losing the presidency and the Senate if Trump does not put the nation on a radically improved course.

The scale of the GOP’s challenge has crystallized in the last week. With 26 million Americans now having filed for unemployment benefits, Trump’s standing in states that he carried in 2016 looks increasingly wobbly: New surveys show him trailing significantly in battleground states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, and he is even narrowly behind in must-win Florida.

Democrats raised substantially more money than Republicans did in the first quarter in the most pivotal congressional races, according to recent campaign finance reports. And while Trump is well ahead in money compared with the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, Democratic donors are only beginning to focus on the general election, and several super political action committees plan to spend heavily on behalf of him and the party.

Perhaps most significantly, Trump’s single best advantage as an incumbent — his access to the bully pulpit — has effectively become a platform for self-sabotage.

1 posted on 4/26/2020, 12:34:14 PM by John W
To: John W
In a way this is GREAT news.
Trump will work twice as hard.
Trump voters will work twice as hard.
Trump wins as the Underdog.
This is as bad as it gets for Trump.
Biden will fade as he emerges from under rock. 

39 posted on 4/26/2020, 12:50:30 PM by LeonardFMason (Lou Dobbs)

“as he emerges from under rock”

Why you no utilize articles and adjectives?


Hmmm – that’s some rock Biden’s hiding under.

And the poor Freeperati can’t even watch TV any more without getting all triggered :

Who is tired of all the “We are in it together” propaganda/commercials?
17 April 2020
Posted on 4/17/2020, 6:38:09 PM by rey

Has anyone else tired of all the ridiculous propaganda that is being thrown at us in the guise of commercials? We are all in it together, seems to be the theme.

1 posted on 4/17/2020, 6:38:09 PM by rey

Sick of it! We have traitorous vermin here in America who must be segregated and then sterilized! 

65 posted on 4/17/2020, 7:21:36 PM by DarthVader (Not by speeches & majority decisions will the great issues of the day be decided but by Blood & Iron)


Of course, there always has to be one killjoy :
To: rey
I’m not tired of it. I’m kind of tired of people only thinking about themselves, though. 

47 posted on 4/17/2020, 6:59:10 PM by firebrand

(about 150 “I don’t watch TV any more” posts skipped)
What else we got today?

Anti-Vaccination Activists Are Growing Force at Virus Protests NY Times ^ | 5/2/2020 | Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs Posted on 5/3/2020, 9:01:18 PM by wastedyearsThe protest on Friday in Sacramento urging California’s governor to reopen the state resembled the rallies that have appeared elsewhere in the country, with crowds flocking to the State Capitol, pressing leaders to undo restrictions on businesses and daily life.

1 posted on 5/3/2020, 9:01:18 PM by wastedyears
Yin :
To: wastedyears
Good. Only a fascist would be ok with mandatory vaccination. 

5 posted on 5/3/2020, 9:08:44 PM by surroundedbyblue (Proud to be an Infidel & a deplorable.)

Up the Yin-Yang :
To: lightman
Tase ‘em and vaccinate ‘em. 

4 posted on 5/3/2020, 9:07:08 PM by damper99

To: plain talk
naturally, Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs is not the sole writer. at bottom, Shawn Hubler and Neil MacFarquhar contributed reporting.
FakeNewsMSM is determined to frame the protesters as anti-vaxxer, gun-toting, Tea Party, conspiracy theorist types. 

13 posted on 5/3/2020, 9:42:57 PM by MAGAthon


Sounds about right to me.
Of course, all this stuff is pointless because :

IS THE WHOLE THING A HOAX?!? – At least one other serious illness involved in over 99% of NYC alleged C-19 deaths!A Clearer Picture ^ | April 27, 2020 | Michael Thau Posted on 4/27/2020, 7:28:02 AM by Michal T7,000 alleged NYC COVID-19 deaths have been thoroughly examined and in 99.2% of them at least one other life-threatening illness was involved. How can the virus be in and of itself deadly if it’s killed virtually no one in NYC who wasn’t already dying of something else?

1 posted on 4/27/2020, 7:28:02 AM by Michal T

First the flu-bros’ flu-pros :

To: Michal T; All
I’ve been saying its a hoax since day 1…just designed to “get” President Trump 

7 posted on 4/27/2020, 7:38:55 AM by notdownwidems (Washington D.C. has become the enemy of free people everywhere!)

Then the flu-cons :

To: Michal T


If an obese person with high blood pressure and diabetes dies of smoke inhalation in a house fire, do you say “they died of smoke inhalation” or “they died of natural causes”?

2 posted on 4/27/2020, 7:33:23 AM by DuncanWaring (The Lord uses the good ones; the bad ones use the Lord.)

And lastly, from the “Too fucking little too fucking late” department :
VP Pence concedes: ‘I should’ve worn a mask’ at Mayo Clinic
Fox News ^ | May 03 2020 | Yael Halon Posted on 5/4/2020, 1:27:54 AM by knighthawk
Vice President Pence addressed his decision not to wear a mask at his visit to the Mayo Clinic last week during Fox News’ virtual town hall Sunday, telling moderators Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum that he “should have worn a mask” despite the fact that he and everyone around him have been tested for the virus regularly.
“From early on the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] made it clear you wear a mask to prevent you from conveying the coronavirus to other people, and since the president and I are in the unique position… we’re tested often, I didn’t think it was necessary,” Pence said.
“But, I should have worn a mask at the Mayo Clinic and I wore it when I visited the ventilator plant in Indiana.” 

1 posted on 5/4/2020, 1:27:54 AM by knighthawk


To: knighthawk

BUCK  FUCK UP, MIKE….tell them to STFU!


20 posted on 5/4/2020, 3:50:58 AM by Ann Archy (Abortion……. The HUMAN Sacrifice to the god of Convenience.)


To: knighthawk
Has he not learned anything from his boss?

9 posted on 5/4/2020, 1:57:47 AM by rhinohunter (FAUCI MUST GO!!!)


Well, that’s more than enough for one outing (I had a lot to catch up on after an inconvenient spacebar-side thumb infection last week).
See you cool cats next Monday!

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  1. Ya’ll Qaeda is a classic. I’m a great believer in recycling one’s jokes as you may have noticed.

  2. I prefer to call the neoTeabagger protesters: Virusfood.

    they probably would be anyway, but they VOLUNTEERED for it!

  3. NEW RULE- if you get COVID-19 after going to a ptotest rally and waving a Confederate flag, the you must go to a hosptal in Alabama or Mississippi.

      1. When I say that, I’m referring only to boomers who are actively cheering on the destruction of our country that started with Reaganomics and the Moral Majority. #NotAllBoomers 😊

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