Willow Weep For Me

We continue our willowy musical theme today. The good news is that Willow Weep For Me isn’t about death but it’s still a sad song.

Willow Weep For Me was written in 1932 by Ann Ronell. There was some resistance to publishing the song; more likely than not based on gender. They were nuts. It’s been recorded and performed dozens of time over the years. That’s what they call an enduring classic.

As always, the first version I heard of this song was Frank Sinatra’s. The man had a way with a ballad.

The next willowy weeper comes from the 1957 album Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson. It’s a masterpiece melding Louis’ classic style with Oscar’s modern sensibility. Check it out. It’s to die for.

This 1967 version was arranged and conducted by the great Billy May.

Finally, the most recent rendition dating from 1995.

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  1. A word to say that I greatly appreciate the site and your work specifically, especially the movie and music links. I’m an older gent (74) and I wanted to ask you about this blast from my past: a 1974 National Lampoon Radio Hour show (‘The California Show’), hosted by “Hunter S Thompson.” Specifically, there is a Grateful Dead parody at about 15:50, and I would really like to hear the opinion of it from a fan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86MVnqQ1wkk

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