Another Mutual Aid Thread

All right.

It’s pretty definitively up to us, right? 

 America’s prodigious infection rates are also a testament to our own national failure — and therefore a source of existential ghastliness, of sheer perversity: Why on earth were so many of us sacrificing so much in these past four and a half months — our livelihoods, our social connections, our safety, our children’s schooling, our attendance at birthdays and anniversaries and funerals — if it all came to naught? At this point, weren’t we expecting some form of relief, a resumption of something like life?


We did this back at the start. What do people need? A connection, help with rent and groceries, what? People were pretty hosed before this dragged on for months and now it’s not going to be better until months from now, so how can those of us who can help help those of us who need it?

If you need something drop a note in the comments. If you can offer something drop a note in the comments. Don’t be ashamed or reluctant, everybody needs help sometimes, and those who can provide it and have read here this long know that our fate is your fate.


One thought on “Another Mutual Aid Thread

  1. We’ve been very lucky in our household. If anyone needs a grocery or Target gift card for food or school supplies, let me know! I’ve tagged notify me of follow ups by email, so I shouldn’t miss you and we can figure out how to connect!

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