There’s Some Whores in This House

Everyone was clowning on The Virgin Ben yesterday which I’m glad we all had fun with, we desperately needed it:

I am just super done with white people freaking out about Black women’s music, and Black music generally. I grew up in the Tipper Gore/2 Live Crew era and even as a white kid it was fucking embarrassing that these were our adult public figures acting as if hearing grown-ass people recite the lyrics to “Me So Horny” was any less traumatizing than half-hearing them sung by their progenitors.

This made me cringe so hard I turned inside out:

If you cannot understand the cultural thing that is happening, it is possible to just, like, not engage with it. My experience of hip-hop is generally reading about beefs online and sometimes I find things I enjoy that way, but I try not to make my ignorance Cardi B’s problem, you know?

Like no one is tying you to a chair and forcing you to listen to WET ASS PUSSY over and over.

Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

Figure it out in the comments.

But this is the thing, right? This is where we’re at, nice white people of my age or older who are posting WHO ARE ALL THESE HOS the day after the VMAs or whatever. We don’t control the culture, maybe we never did, and we are MAD about it. A professor I had in college said 90 percent of the freakout about the Civil Rights Movement was being afraid white kids would listen to Black music and have sex. People my own damn age, worried about what their daughters are wearing, in a fucking pandemic and a financial crisis.

We’re all going to be going to school online forever but do tell me about the scandalous bikini tops you see on the beach.

I mean, thank God we have two women’s (hot) bodies to freak out about, or we might have to think about how we hit 5 million cases of COVID this week and the president’s plan is to close his eyes and fuck with the postal service.


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