2 thoughts on “Happy Biden Campaign Thing

  1. Enjoy the moment, heck revel in it.

    Then please come back to your left-leaning sensibilities. And skepticism. And questioning.

    Right now, you could draw a smiley face on a fence post, drape a dinner jacket around it and that ‘candidate’ could beat Donald Trump.

    So why is the Democratic Party moving even more to the right by actively absorbing Republicans and their policies? John Kasich is a top DNC convention speaker? The Never Trumpers actively supporting Joe Biden? These people are not just saying ‘do not vote for Trump, either stay home or just hold your nose and vote for Joe.’ Nope, they are actively moving lock stock and barrel into joining the DNC. Now while you might say, yes that is a good thing, they do not do this for fun. That demon will come calling for its pound of flesh and blood. Yours.

    If you want an idea that they have not already had an effect, look at this as it is being now reported in various places: https://earther.gizmodo.com/democrats-quietly-cut-opposition-to-fossil-fuel-subsidi-1844768172

    Enjoy the moment, but get over the hangover.

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