When Something Is Wrong With My Baby


The torch song tradition was not a casualty of the British Invasion.  It was carried on by many songwriters and singers, especially in the world of soul music. Stax-Volt-Atlantic-Memphis soul music to be precise. I’m expanding the parameters of the Friday Cocktail Hour to include a sad, sad soul song.

When Something Is Wrong With My Baby was written in 1967 by the brilliant songwriting team of Isaac Hayes and David Porter. For the uninitiated, Isaac Hayes was indeed the Shaft guy.

This torchy soul classic was first recorded by Sam and Dave:

There are many fine interpretations of this song but I’m still recovering from watching Trump’s speech,  so I’m going to keep this short. Our next take on Something Is Wrong With My Baby comes from Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville:

Let’s bring things full circle with a version by Friday Cocktail hour regular Billy Eckstine:

That’s it for now. Pour yourself a drink and toast the end of another week. It’s what Bogie, Betty, and Frank would want: