Donald Trump Is A Sore Loser

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Yeah, I know. I’ve already written a post called Donald Trump Is A Loser but I feel like piling on. While I agree with President-elect Biden going high, I’m still going low. Fuck them.

The Trumpers are filing specious lawsuits, talking about a MAGA recount tour, and worrying about President* Pennywise’s feelings. When did Republicans ever care about our feelings when we’ve lost to them? These sore losers can go fuck themselves.

I’m also tired of Democrats pulling defeat from the jaws of victory. Both Abigail Spanberger and AOC should STFU and let us enjoy this victory over homegrown Fascism. That goes for John Kasich who was yelling at THE LEFT on CNN right after the election was called. Fuck you, Governor. I’m glad you supported Joey B Shark, but you don’t get a say in what happens next. Stop being a sore winner and heal your own party.

There is no legal requirement that a losing candidate either concede or attend their successor’s inauguration. It will be to the Impeached Insult Comedian’s detriment if he does neither. John McCain’s extraordinarily gracious concession in 2008 went a long way towards repairing the damage done to his reputation by the Palin pick.

There is, however, a legal requirement that the outgoing administration assist the incoming one with the transition of power. So far the sore losers are balking. Fuck them. The Biden people know government so they’ll be ready in any event.

Mitch McConnell is playing games with cabinet selections. Biden should pick whoever the hell he wants. The Turtle can go fuck himself.

Repeat after me: Donald Trump is a sore loser. He can go fuck himself.

Let’s finish this post off with some songs about losers. We’ll end with the most Biden-esque tune:

5 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is A Sore Loser

  1. I suggest filling a dumpster with MAGA hats, setting them on fire, tossing in Trump, then let the whole thing float down the Potomac.

    Viking Funeral, Trump Style.

    Make sure to wear your “Fuck Your Feelings” shirt, as the screams echo across the land.

  2. If Trump doesn’t want to do the traditional White House morning coffee on Inauguration Day I think Biden should request the Obama’s to host it.

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