Georgia, Georgia, Georgia

With two senate seats up for grabs, Georgia is the center of the political universe. Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock seem to have the wind at their backs as GOPers keep making embarrassing, for them but delightful to me, mistakes.

In a conference call leaked to the WaPo Senator David Perdue mused about the double-edged sword that is President Pennywise’s support:

Perdue noted later that he had confronted an “anti-Trump vote in Georgia” in the first round of voting and said the runoff is about getting “enough conservative Republicans out to vote” in the Atlanta suburbs and elsewhere who might have opposed the president’s reelection.

“I’m talking about people that may have voted for Biden but now may come back and vote for us because there was an anti-Trump vote in Georgia,” Perdue said. “And we think some of those people, particularly in the suburbs, may come back to us. And I’m hopeful of that.”

Pandering to President* Pennywise is what led to the bizarre letter from Perdue and Loeffler demanding  the resignation of Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger. It turns out that Raffi (not to be confused with the children’s entertainer, I just don’t want to type his name out repeatedly) is an honest man who is determined to do his job. How did the Georgia GOP fuck up and elected an honest man to replace that election stealing motherfucker Brian Kemp? Donald Trump is not amused, and neither is Lindsey Graham.

Senate Republicans are so desperate to hang on to their majority that Little Lindsey called Raffi to lobby him to ditch a raft of legally cast ballots. Typically, senators do not meddle in elections in neighboring states. Raffi politely told the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee to butt out. Graham has denied the content of the conversation, but Raffi has a witness. Oops. Graham went on to claim that he’d spoken to the Arizona and Nevada Secretaries of State, but he was lying. Anyone surprised? The big surprise in this story is that Raffi is an honest man. 

Little Lindsey is full of himself after winning a decisive re-election victory against a well-funded opponent. He can’t let go of his Trump sycophancy but he’s attaching himself more firmly to the Turtle. Fundamentally, Graham is a symbiont who needs a stronger host to survive. For years, he was John McCain’s sidekick, then attached himself to Donald Trump. He’s such a weak character that it wouldn’t surprise me if Lindsey offers to caddy for Joe Biden after he becomes the Oval One.

I’ll be checking in on Georgia from time-to-time before the January 5th runoff, which is the day before Twelfth Night. That means I can eat King Cake in celebration if things go well in Georgia, Georgia, Georgia. That was a lie: I’ll be eating King Cake the next day notwithstanding the election results. Lying appears to be contagious in 2020. I can’t imagine why.

Stacey Abrams is revving up the mighty New Georgia Project turnout machine that turned the Peach State blue in the presidential race. Ms. Abrams has rightfully been praised for her efforts. Some would like to give her the keys to the political kingdom. I agree with the praise but have a hunch that she’s gearing up for a grudge rematch with Brian Kemp in 2022.

The post title is, of course, based on the late Tim Russert’s 2000 admonition: Florida, Florida, Florida. I had a bit of fun with the featured image and used the cover of the Allman Brothers Band’s Eat A Peach album. Here’s hoping things will be politically peachy in the Peach State.

The last word goes to the Allman Brothers with a song that’s not on Eat A Peach:

3 thoughts on “Georgia, Georgia, Georgia

  1. While it’s possible that Georgia’s current AG, and others who have balked at doing this or that in this post-election, are doing it because they’re honest at heart and be.ieve in voting, I think you have to allow for the possibility they’d like to oblige but just don’t like the prospect of facing years in federal prison.

    1. A distinct possibility. I’ve seen Raffi interviewed and he comes off as a straight shooter.

  2. South Carolina needs a recount. Under Jimmy Carter’s watch.

    I thought you were going for Marcia (Marcia Marcia), but that was Russert’s schtick. Now I’m off to the Whipping Post, no stayin’ home to watch it … on teevee.

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