The Trumpiest Firing Ever

Image by Michael F.

President Pennywise’s schedule continues to be blissfully free of public events. Perhaps he’s shamed by his defeat. That was an obvious joke, he’s the most shameless person on the planet. He should, however, be embarrassed by the antics launched on his behalf by a gaggle of incompetent lawyers led by the artist formerly known as Mayor Combover. Rudy made his first appearance in federal court in 28 years this week. It did not go well.

In between plotting to steal the election, President* Pennywise has been busy firing people. It’s all about payback for people who have crossed him or his team in some way. It’s also about his ongoing desire to disrupt the government. Disrupt is Silicon Valley-ese for destroy.

The Trumpiest firing ever was that of Chris Krebs head of cyber security at Homeland Security. Krebs was a non-political expert hired to handle *all* aspects of cyber security including election stuff. By all account, Krebs was easily the best appointment ever made by the Current Occupant. He was competent and honest and spoke out in support of the late election as bug and fraud-free. That’s why he had to go.

The Krebs firing checks all the boxes:

Fired By Tweet:




Knowledgeable: ✔

Trump misspoke when he said he’d hire the best people. He meant that he’d fire the best people.

The Kaiser of Chaos will brook no dissent even though he usually babbles like a brook. He’s too busy pouting to speak publicly. So much for his being a macho man. What sort of macho man spends an hour on hair and makeup every morning?

Chris Krebs is perhaps the first person to leave the Trump administration with his reputation enhanced. Getting fired is not as bad as people think it is, especially when you’re fired by Donald Trump in his role as First Arsonist.

The last word goes to Los Lobos: