Update: HALFWAY THERE!!!! First Draft Food Pantry Fund: Dooooo Eeeeeet 2020

Update: HALFWAY THERE! WHOAAAA LIVING ON A — Sorry, just a little excited that in the midst of all this nonsense you guys have gotten us halfway to our goal of $1,500 in a little less than two days! Keep it going!

It’s that time again, guys.

It’s harder this year.

A lot of people aren’t okay. And getting help is harder, because everything is harder right now. Forget about live music and drinks at bars and other things we “took for granted,” getting a damn doctor’s appointment is harder right now. Getting groceries is harder right now. Putting gas in the car. Going to work.

Getting help, too, is harder.

My aunt and uncle run a food pantry in a neighborhood in Milwaukee that’s hard-hit by the virus and wasn’t doing real great before it. Every year we raise money to add to the generous donations of food that they get for the holidays, because if you’ve gone without any little luxury for long enough you know how great it can be to just have something nice. A toy. A gift card so you can get some coffee or a sandwich without overthinking your bank account. Something to live like a person for a minute.

Every year we set a goal and it’s usually modest; this year, too. I’d like to see us raise $1,500 but if we fall short, we’ve got a donor willing to make up the rest. I don’t want anyone to donate if they’re on hard times, but if for some reason passing all understanding 2020 has been kinda good to you, hit this donate button and pass it on:

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