Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Oprah Winfrey edition

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Of course, as soon as I finished this post, I got the news that Adrastos’s wonderful Dr. A tested positive, but this post is NOT about people who take precautions and get infected anyway – it’s about the deniers/flubros at Free Republic.



Well, Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity’s lawsuits are getting shot down like Zeros at the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot, Georgia just told The Darnold to go subpoena himself, it’s not like things could get any worse for Team Drumpf…..

Florida Sen. Rick Scott tests positive for COVID-19
nypost ^ | 11/20/2020 | Lia Eustachewich

Posted on 11/20/2020, 10:10:18 AM by ChicagoConservative27

Florida Sen. Rick Scott has tested positive for COVID-19, he said Friday, as he advised Americans to “wear a mask.”

The GOP lawmaker said he was diagnosed with the bug Friday morning after several negative tests.

“I’m feeling good & experiencing very mild symptoms,” he tweeted. “I’ll be working from home until it’s safe for me to return to DC. I remind everyone to be careful & do the right things to protect yourselves & others.”

1 posted on 11/20/2020, 10:10:18 AM by ChicagoConservative27
To: Williams

Why have NONE of the Ds had covid?

12 posted on 11/20/2020, 10:19:00 AM by a real Sheila (Epstein didn’t kill himself, but Hunter probably will.)

Maybe because (unlike the Republicans) they actually take this shit seriously, wear masks, socially distance, and avoid church services and MAGA superspreader events?
Just a thought.
And the crazy gets even crazier :
To: ChicagoConservative27

Another case of COVID-19. So what? On the positive side, common cold and common flu have been eradicated by COVID-19. All tests point to COVID-19. Silver lining to that there COVID-19 cloud.

39 posted on 11/20/2020, 11:13:26 AM by lakecumberlandvet (Appeasement never works.)

Chuck Grassley ‘Symptom-Free,’ Feeling ‘Good’ After Testing Positive for Coronavirus
Breitbart ^ | 11/18/2020 | Kyle Morris

Posted on 11/18/2020, 3:35:29 PM by ChicagoConservative27Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said Wednesday he is “symptom-free” and feeling “good” after he announced that he had tested positive for the coronavirus on Tuesday.

“I remain symptom free & in isolation. I continue to feel good Thx for all the messages of encouragement & prayers,” 87-year-old Grassley wrote in a tweet.

To: ChicagoConservative27

Should have retired 12 years ago, what is it about politicians who think they have to leave the senate in a casket?

5 posted on 11/18/2020, 3:38:48 PM by Trump.Deplorable

And all this time, I thought it was just a “Democrat hoax”?
It’s almost like the “hoax” is gaining impetus, isn’t it?

BREAKING NEWS: Don Jr tests positive for coronavirus and is in quarantine: Trump’s son becomes latest in the president’s inner circle to get infected Daily Mail ^ | Nov 20 2020 | Emily Goodin Posted on 11/20/2020, 5:26:10 PM by Alter Kaker

Donald Trump Jr. has tested positive for the coronavirus and is quarantining at his cabin.

1 posted on 11/20/2020, 5:26:11 PM by Alter Kaker
More below the folderino….

To: Alter Kaker

Isn’t it amazing I’ve never seen a single case reported for any Democrat or their family.

What a bunch of bs.

8 posted on 11/20/2020, 5:30:46 PM by Williams (Stop Tolerating The Intolerant)

Um – we’ve already gone over this in the thread above.
Also, even Freepers know this is bullshit :

To: PghBaldy

Democrats in Congress who have tested positive:
Ben McAdams- UT.
Joe Cunningham-SC
Nydia Velázquez-NY
Raúl Grijalva-AZ
Jahana Hayes-CT
Salud Carbajal-CA
Cheri Bustos-IL
Ed Perlmutter-CO.

122 posted on 11/20/2020, 11:29:32 PM by Nero Germanicus


To: Alter Kaker
Why do I keep getting this sneaking suspicion that someone is going around with a spray bottle of the virus and intentionally infecting Trump supporters???
10 posted on 11/20/2020, 5:32:24 PM by boatbums (Lord, make my life a testimony to the value of knowing you.)

To: Alter Kaker

Rudy’s son has it also. It looks like the enemy is dusting the good guys again.

14 posted on 11/20/2020, 5:33:58 PM by JonPreston ( )

To: Alter Kaker


Instead of daydreaming about being president after daddy, junior needs to focus on some simple things, like learning to wash his hands.

19 posted on 11/20/2020, 5:38:58 PM by CharleysPride (Triton 2038!)

Uh oh.
To: CharleysPride; Admin Moderator


Instead of daydreaming about being president after daddy, junior needs to focus on some simple things, like learning to wash his hands.

Lookie here folks we have a COVID is going to doom us all troll.
Also, check out his posts under the election fraud threads.
Troll gotta troll.

42 posted on 11/20/2020, 6:08:43 PM by snarkytart



To: ConservativeInPA

Kicked out for what?

I have insulted nobody, I don’t promote racism, violence or hate…

But, I don’t like stupid conspiracies…is that it?

Are you so threatened by reality you want to kick people out who don’t agree with the most crazy crap from the web?

I know you realize that people are spreading crazy notions that have nothing to do with real life — just ask somebody in your family or workplace or whoever you hang out with in the real world and let this fantasy go.

Well, here, I am… go tattle if that makes you feel better

49 posted on 11/20/2020, 6:24:52 PM by CharleysPride (Triton 2038!)

To: Alter Kaker

In other news… my Aunt Louise caught a cold.

58 posted on 11/20/2020, 6:35:26 PM by freespirit2012

And she hardly gurgles at all when she tries to breathe!

Meanwhile, “CharleysPride” keeps taunting the Viking Kitties :
To: snarkytart


What does that even mean?

Covid has killed 260K Americans, I don’t think pornography has reached that number, so I fail to see the point of your comparison.

I understand these are trying times for everyone, but maybe a deep breathe or a quick stroll will help you get your message across without the potty humor.

60 posted on 11/20/2020, 6:39:14 PM by CharleysPride (Triton 2038!)

To: VideoDoctor

The problem is that you can be asymptomatic and still spread the disease to people who have pre-existing conditions who can then get deathly ill.
From just today: “UCF (University of Central Florida) researchers create COVID super-spreader profile: Asymptomatic young man”

128 posted on 11/21/2020, 12:21:21 AM by Nero Germanicus


To: Bikkuri; Jane Long; Alter Kaker; snarkytart; arbee4bush; proud American in Canada; Jeepers43; …

Seems like the Viking Kitties came in the middle of the night and hauled away CharleysPride. I missed it. I wonder if it was done with great fan fare.

137 posted on 11/21/2020, 10:31:02 AM by ConservativeInPA (The Republic is at a pivot point. Either you stand for freedom or die in slavery. )

Well, it’s actually kinda boring over in Freeperville these days, with hundreds of “DJT WON!! HE DID!!! STOP LAUGHING!!!!” posts, and glowing reviews of Rudy and The Wicked Witch Of The East’s bad hair dye symposium…

Sweating Rudy Giuliani presents ‘evidence’ for ‘massive voting fraud’ as hair dye runs down his face – alongside ‘elite legal strike force’ who claim Joe Biden’s win is a Venezuelan plot they uncovered on the internet The Daily Mail (UK) ^ | 11/19/20 | Daily Mail UK Posted on 11/19/2020, 6:35:47 PM by jstolzen

Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani delivered a rambling monologue Thursday meant to reveal evidence for a ‘massive’ vote fraud where he quoted ‘My Cousin Vinny’ and claimed he had ‘hundreds’ of sworn affidavits as evidence that he would not share – because, he claimed, it would put his witnesses’ lives at risk.

After suffering more than a score of legal defeats on President Trump’s multi-state case to throw out ballots, Giuliani resorted to an extended rant about alleged fraud to reporters packed in tightly at the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington.

The last time he held a press conference was at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in northern Philadelphia, making the RNC’s packed conference room at least an upgrade. And this time there were no known sex offenders on stage with him.


Totally predictable..the MSM is having a field day circling the wagons and protecting Biden.The melting hair dye sure didn’t help. (Not being critical..but as you can all see from the coverage..yikes).

We’re in the fight of the century, gang. At this point, the MSM appears to be winning.

1 posted on 11/19/2020, 6:35:47 PM by jstolzen
I dunno – I kinda like the optics.
Looks perfectly sane to me.
To: jstolzen

I love Rudy but having him as the front man for this fight was not a good idea.

5 posted on 11/19/2020, 6:39:08 PM by clintonh8r (Truth is hate speech to those who hate the truth.)

Ya think??
“Two voices could be heard on the Trump Team video feed broadcast on Twitter. One can be heard saying they were on a Zoom call and assuming they can’t be heard by people watching the feed, while another can be heard referring to “Rudy’s hair dye running down his face” while laughing.”
To: jstolzen

What is wrong with Rudy? He has been  batshit crazy  off for a while.

9 posted on 11/19/2020, 6:40:36 PM by PghBaldy (12/14 – 930am -rampage begins… 12/15 – 1030am – Obama’s advance team scouts photo-op locations.)

Think I was kidding about Freepers thinking this was a triumph rather than a tragedy?
I wasn’t.
To: PghBaldy

What is wrong with Rudy? He has been off for a while.Why do you believe headlines? There was ZERO wrong with that press conference. Rudy laid out facts and presented evidence.

16 posted on 11/19/2020, 6:42:36 PM by DouglasKC
Well, more than enough for one go-round.  See you good people at the ISO room door next Monday.
You know something?  The longer they deny The Darnold’s shellacking, the funnier it’s going to be when the dam breaks.
And It’s going to be glorious!

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  1. “The longer they deny The Darnold’s shellacking, the funnier it’s going to be when the dam breaks.
    And It’s going to be glorious!”

    Cue “2012” trailer…

  2. Remember back in 2008 when JimRob would ban Freepers for supporting Rudy Giuliani? Pepperidge Farm remembers…

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