Peach State Political Potpourri For $600, Alex

I make no pretense to being an expert on Peach State politics but it’s the center of the political universe until January 5th so I’m going to write about it anyway. When did ignorance ever stop a pundit? I’m a few steps up from ignorant, which is more than you say about Chuck Todd. And he claims to be an expert on everything. They should change the name of his Sunday show from Meet The Press to Meet The Moron. Tim Russert weeps.

Let’s cut this peach into slices to make it more edible. We’ll skip the Edible complex jokes…

Fraud Exported From Florida, Florida, Florida: There’s a guy in Florida telling people they should register to vote in Georgia. He wants to save the Senate for Chinless Mitch. Of course, what he’s advocating is illegal, illegal, illegal.

This Florida Man’s name is Bill Price, and he claims to be a lawyer. He’s such a bad lawyer that he should join the Trump defense team. Price is not a very good liar either:

A bizarre, hilarious and maddening story out of Georgia. A Florida Republican lawyer from Bay County, Florida is caught on tape encouraging Florida Republicans to claim phony residence in Georgia to vote in the run-offs. He says he’s registering at the address of his brother who lives in Georgia. When local reporter Nicole Carr asked the lawyer, Bill Price, about the video he said that it was all a joke and that of course he didn’t make a bogus registration at his brother’s address.

But she checked and he had registered. Now Price is being investigated for vote fraud by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

After the joke excuse didn’t pan out Price apparently changed his story and insisted that he made the fraudulent registrations to prove how susceptible Georgia’s voting system was to fraud.

I wonder if Florida Man Price is hoping to be invited to one of the super-spreader Christmas parties at the White House.

Vote Against The Crook, It’s Important: This is a variation on the legendary bumper sticker that popped up on cars in the Gret Stet of Louisiana during the Edwards-Duke runoff election in 1991. In its current iteration, it’s aimed at Senator and Day Trader David Perdue:

Perdue has made up close to a third of all Senate trades reported since 2014, the year he came into office. He traded stocks, bonds, and funds about 2,600 times in six years — equal to the combined trading volume of the next five most-active traders in the Senate. While there’s no evidence that Perdue traded on nonpublic information, which is a potential crime, there are new ethical questions surrounding his decision to trade where he legislates. On close to 30 occasions during his time on the Senate cybersecurity panel, Perdue bought and sold stock in a cybersecurity firm that signed a $30 million contract in his home state of Georgia. And as a member of the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs subcommittee, Perdue bought and sold shares of several firms that the body oversaw, including JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America.

Perdue was one of a handful of lawmakers accused in March of using intelligence from Senate hearings to inform their financial decisions. (Perdue’s fellow Georgia senator, Kelly Loeffler, has also faced allegations of using nonpublic information she gleaned as a senator to inform her investment strategy.) The most notable red flag involves a stock purchase in a company that makes medical equipment on the same day that senators received a classified briefing on the coronavirus. (Perdue has denied attending the session.) And in February, just before Pfizer announced its intention to develop a COVID vaccine, he purchased $245,000 in stocks in the pharmaceutical company. He also sold up to $165,000 in stocks of the casino firm Caesar Entertainment prior to the shutdown and economic crash. Last week, the Times reported that the Department of Justice questioned him over his prolific trading, but apparently cleared him of wrongdoing.

The same sort of trading shenanigans got North Carolina Senator Richard Burr in deep shit. For some reason, insider trading is frowned upon in many circles.

I should have said crooks because Kelly Loeffler is just as shady, but her insider trades aren’t as well documented as those of Perdue.

The  Anti-GOTV Movement: The lunatic fringe is *still* urging Trumpers not to vote in the runoff. I’m down with that. That system is deeply corrupt, and Brian Kemp is a secret commie who’s out to get the Impeached Insult Comedian. #sarcasm

The Georgia election official who scorched President* Pennywise for not repudiating his nuttier followers had this to say about the anti-GOTV movement:

“Who the heck knows. I mean, it’s Looney Tunes,” Sterling said, before calling Trump out for his 46-minute screed filled with unfounded voter fraud claims. “The President’s literally coming to Georgia to campaign for the same two senators that his two former lawyers who are filing lawsuits to contest the election, with the same claims that the President made in his very long 46-minute video yesterday that have already been debunked.”

Did he say Looney Tunes? Cue Daffy and Bugs:

The Kaiser of Chaos will be “campaigning for” Perdue and Loeffler this weekend. I put “campaigning for” in air quote because I expect that he’ll talk about himself and how he’s been wronged. There should be a new chant just for Donald: SHUT HIM UP. SHUT HIM UP.

That concludes this foray into Peach State politics. Once again, the last word goes to the Allman Brothers Band. It’s dedicated to Senators Perdue and Loeffler who, hopefully, Georgians will vote out next month: