Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – False Flags EVERYWHERE edition

Morning, all.

If there’s one thing the Freepers are good at, it’s dodging responsibility. They’re arsonists throwing Molotov cocktails into peoples’ living rooms, and then blaming them because they didn’t have a sprinkler system.

Massage Parlor Massacres Suspect Said He Loved Guns & God
Daily Beast ^ | Updated Mar. 17, 2021 12:05AM ET | Blake Montgomery Chamian Cruz Noor Ibrahim

Posted on 3/16/2021, 11:11:08 PM by conservative98

ATLANTA—A Georgia man who professed a passion for guns and God was in custody on Tuesday night after a string of shootings that police said appeared to target Asian women at massage parlors and left eight people dead.

Aaron Long, 21, of Woodstock, Georgia, was caught on video at the crime scenes and later nabbed on a highway two hours south of Atlanta following a police chase, authorities said.

Police stressed that it was still much too early to announce a motive, but the horrific attacks come amid a wave of targeted violence against the Asian-American community.

Details about the suspect that began to trickle out offered few clues.

“Pizza, guns, drums, music, family, and God. This pretty much sums up my life. It’s a pretty good life,” read the tagline on an Instagram account that appeared to belong to Long.

A student who graduated from Sequoyah High with Long in 2017 who spoke on the condition of anonymity told The Daily Beast, “He was very innocent seeming and wouldn’t even cuss. He was sorta nerdy and didn’t seem violent from what I remember. He was a hunter and his father was a youth minister or pastor. He was big into religion.”

1 posted on 3/16/2021, 11:11:08 PM by conservative98
I don’t even have to put up a “Wait for it” meme, because it’s not much of a wait.
To: conservative98

Oh … now they suddenly have a white face they can apply to the “asian attacks” brought on by racism…

4 posted on 3/16/2021, 11:13:39 PM by Skywise

Oh come on – just say it out loud.
To: conservative98

False Flag.

5 posted on 3/16/2021, 11:15:19 PM by grey_whiskers (The opinions are solely those of the author and are subject to change with out notice.)

Thenk yew.
To: Shadylake
21-year-olds are at home jerking off to pr0n in Mommy’s basement.

And you know this how, exactly? Observation, or personal experience?


False flag.

6 posted on 3/16/2021, 11:15:51 PM by grey_whiskers (The opinions are solely those of the author and are subject to change with out notice.)

Of course it is.
To: lastchance

There is no wave.

This monster has no affiliation with God and guns.

Fake. Fake. Fake.

14 posted on 3/16/2021, 11:22:55 PM by Eddie01

Of course, there’s always gotta be some killjoys:
To: grey_whiskers

False Flag.
Nope… they have this guy pretty well tied to it with video surveillance records. He’s clearly a nut case.

52 posted on 3/17/2021, 1:36:55 AM by House Atreides

To: DesertRhino

Talking about how bots can feed conspiracy theories is interesting. But I think the issue is that the bigger conspiracy theory that he was brainwashed or self-wanted to kill others and ruin his life for a leftist cause is also pretty wild.

This seems like an Occam’s Razor case of an moron. It doesn’t involve the CIA, KGB, Illuminate(sic).

55 posted on 3/17/2021, 1:50:57 AM by Shadylake

Anyone want to offer a rebuttal to “Shadylake”?
To: Shadylake

By the way, you signed up the day after the “insurrection”, when fedzilla turned against us full force, and here you are saying it’s not a false flag. And taking the other side on lots of other little things.


56 posted on 3/17/2021, 1:58:50 AM by DesertRhino (Dog is man’s best friend, and moslems hate dogs. Add that up. …. )

That’s tellin’ him!
“Shadylake” does have a reply for “DesertRINO”,  er, “DessertRhino”, er – aw, fuck it.
To: DesertRhino

I hope you don’t smoke weed, cause that could make you even more paranoid.

58 posted on 3/17/2021, 2:07:30 AM by Shadylake

To: Shadylake

“I hope you don’t smoke weed, cause that could make you even more paranoid.”

Why’d you sign up here?

60 posted on 3/17/2021, 2:41:17 AM by ifinnegan ( Democrats kill babies and harvest their organs to sell)

“Ve haff vays of makink you talk!”
To: ifinnegan

For conservative chats. Are you saying weed is required?

61 posted on 3/17/2021, 2:42:31 AM by Shadylake

More at the you-know-what….

Can we get back to the “false flag”-ims, please?
To: conservative98
False flag-so the lib filth can perpetuate the lie that Asians are being attacked & murdered by whites.
Fits perfectly with the lie that whites have been attacking Asians on the West Coast.

“News I don’t like = lies”

The media is salivating.

65 posted on 3/17/2021, 3:00:42 AM by AnxiouslyWaiting

Wipe the drool off your chin.
And one more thing – I see a lot of right-wingnuts trying to shift blame onto the workers in the massage parlors that fuckboy shot up, because he was rebuffed by / infatuated with a sex worker (because ALL Asian-owned/operated massage places are sex worker havens, dontcha know?)
A few of the victims:
Soon C. Park, 74;
Hyun J. Grant, 51;
Suncha Kim, 69;
Yong A. Yue, 63
Xiaojie Tan, 49
Daoyou Feng, 44
Yep – Definitely sexually oriented rather than racial hate crimes.  You betcha.
And I’ll let “American In Tokyo” have the last word here :
To: AnxiouslyWaiting

“False flag” my left cheek. There is no evidence, that is conjecture. Are you saying the shootings did not occur? Or that this person is in the employ of the government or other individuals? I will say what it is right here and right now. This is a sick, acting alone, deranged individual with weapons and the will to use them, a total and complete loser, a White Supremacist (because he has turned to that in his self-hatred as most of those nutballs do), he hates Asians, he posted as much on FB about China, COVID-19 has set him off, he went there to all three locations with the intent and purpose of killing Asians that have nothing to do with China or Corona, and he stated his intentions as such prior to the firing. Sometimes everyone looks for the excuses except the ones that make the most sense and show what a problem is developing in the United States. It will come out.

77 posted on 3/17/2021, 6:23:53 AM by AmericanInTokyo
Yep – even a blind squirrel…
Lastly, we have – Fucker Carlson!
Just a short time ago, it was this :

FNC’s Carlson: It’s Time for the Democrats to ‘Accept Their Victory,’ ‘Forgive the Team They Beat and to Move On’ — ‘You Won, Be Happy’ Breitbart ^ | 01/20/2021 | Jeff Poor Posted on 1/20/2021, 9:01:48 AM by ChicagoConservative27

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson urged the Democrat victors of the 2020 presidential election to move past the outcome and avoid plotting a post-inaugural war on Republican opponents.


Good luck with that. I don’t know any lib or woke person that is happ (sic).
1 posted on 1/20/2021, 9:01:48 AM by ChicagoConservative27
Why, you’re right! I don’t know one liberal who’s overjoyed that The Darnold had his ass handed to him and that the GOP lost both Houses.
Not ONE!
More like 100 million.
To: ChicagoConservative27

‘You Won, Be Happy’

Carlson claims Biden won.

9 posted on 1/20/2021, 9:05:58 AM by Spirochete
Uh oh.
To: ChicagoConservative27

Who is Tucker Carlson and why is he upset?

From clips I see on YouTube (I don’t watch Fox anymore), Tucker still slams Trump for January 6.

He’s just another POS.

27 posted on 1/20/2021, 9:17:24 AM by Herodes

To: BiglyCommentary

is he really that stupid?

33 posted on 1/20/2021, 9:25:14 AM by Vehmgericht (12)

You be the judge!
The prosecution rests.
To: ChicagoConservative27

Its time for Faux to accept and celebrate their fraud in the favoror(sic) of your new masters. Enjoy your ratings….and layoffs(sic) Schmucker!

54 posted on 1/20/2021, 9:48:07 AM by The MAGA-Deplorian (It is the Trump way! It is the only way!)

Well, it’s nicer than MY nickname for him…..
To: ChicagoConservative27

I despise Cucker.

79 posted on 1/20/2021, 12:30:11 PM by Luke21 (Elections you say? We get them next election? )

Meh.  That one’s kinda impotent.
To: ChicagoConservative27

Tucker is a jerk. He refused to cover all the crimes in Hunter Biden’s laptop. He was on very friendly terms with Hunter. He used Hunter as a reference for his son to get in college. Was friends enough to request they go out to dinner on one of the emails. Said Joe was a warm human being.There was a lot more to the Tony Bobulinski story that he didn’t cover.

He’s Washington establishment. I was watching him before the election, but the way he refused to cover the Hunter story was disgusting.

He also was a regular at Comet Ping Pong according to a Washington Post article.

Went after Sidney Powell when she first got involved with helping to uncover the election fraud.

68 posted on 1/20/2021, 10:36:29 AM by FR_addict
Anyhoo, that was then – this is now :

Backlash After Official Marine Corps Twitter Account Blasts Tucker Carlson breitbart ^ | 03/14/2021 | Joshua Klein Posted on 3/14/2021, 4:14:44 PM by DFG

Following outrage from progressives in the military towards Fox News host Tucker Carlson for contrasting China’s push for a “more masculine” military against the U.S. military’s focus on inclusivity for women, the official Marine Corps Twitter account joined in the criticism, sharing an image of a female soldier carrying another soldier with hashtags aimed at Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

On Tuesday evening, Carlson noted how in January the Chinese Ministry of Education released a proposal to cultivate students’ masculinity amid a Chinese military buildup, then played a March 8 clip of President Joe Biden introducing two female generals he approved for promotion while noting how much the military is working to accommodate women, including providing specially-designed body armor for females, flight suits for pregnant women, and updating hairstyle requirements.

1 posted on 3/14/2021, 4:14:44 PM by DFG

Insanity. But this is what they have done. The people who know warfighting, what combat is like, and who are dedicated to the mission and the troops have all been eliminated.

What we have are perfumed princes, feminists, and Leftists who spout the right BS that will be sure to get them advanced.

Even the USMC. I had held out hope they would resist this. But they officially appear to be embracing it now.

The people who perpetrated all this will be nowhere to be found when disaster strikes.

5 posted on 3/14/2021, 4:20:25 PM by rlmorel (“I’d rather enjoy a risky freedom than a safe servitude.” Robby Dinero, USMC Veteran, Gym Owner)

Lighten up, snowflake.

As a Navy man I saw first hand that the Marines were well trained fighting machines. They always hat(sic) my respect. I guess things have changed and they are a bunch of woke transsexuals and women.

11 posted on 3/14/2021, 4:28:37 PM by Poser (Cogito ergo Spam – I think, therefore I ham)

…and they can STILL kick your ass in a fight.  Sucks to be you.
To: hillarys cankles

Everything is changing.

If we on the right think that cops and the military would have our back when the SHTF, well, those days are gone.

Prepare and behave accordingly.

25 posted on 3/14/2021, 5:07:08 PM by… ( Donald John Trump has pulled the sword from the stone.)

“behave accordingly” = “post impotently for ‘revolution’ on shitty message boards, then cry like babies when one of you gets caught”.

Everyone in our military is being vetted to shoot us.

29 posted on 3/14/2021, 5:21:48 PM by NoLibZone (Capitol surrounded by troops vetted to shoot us. Never again ask why the Jews walked into the cars.)

Isn’t that the penalty for treason? Anyway, don’t worry. Those USMC woke transsexuals and women couldn’t ever take a manly man like you in a one to one.
Just kidding. They’d take you down in a New York second.
And finally – the post of the thread!
What a sad bunch of keyboard warriors.
42 posted on 3/14/2021, 6:03:21 PM by SanchoP (“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” -JFK)
Freepers in reality :
That’s all for this week, good people. Stay safe – it’s not over yet.


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  1. “Freepers! Why let all the blahs/schoolkids/asian massage workers get all of those sweet ‘crisis actor’ wages? Apply now to be get in on the next RWNJ mass shooting! No experience necessary, just lie still on the ground and bleed! Upcoming event: Bowling Green Massacre, ask Kellyanne for more details”

  2. Recently, I’ve been seeing the GOP being referred to as QOP or GQP. I prefer the QQQ, the KKK’s (more) inbred cousin.

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