Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Face Bored edition

Well, we all know what social media mavens the Freeperati are, amirite? I mean, with such media giants as Parler, ONAN, and all?

The ones who actually have Facebook accounts, and don’t spend every other month in FB jail, were anxiously awaiting this outcome :

Facebook Board Readies For Its Biggest Decision Yet: Whether To Reinstate Trump
NPR ^ | 5/4/21 | Rachel martin

Posted on 5/4/2021, 12:40:30 PM by 1Old Pro

Facebook created the Oversight Board a year ago to make final calls on the most difficult decisions the social network makes about what users can post. Each case is decided by 5 members of the 20-person board. They consider Facebook’s rules and international human rights principles and seek out the views of outside experts and members of the public. In the Trump case, the board received more than 9,000 public comments. The final decision must be approved by a majority of the full board, and Facebook has agreed to abide by its ruling.

The Trump case is the biggest test so far of the board’s legitimacy: whether it’s seen as independent from the company that created and funds it, or whether it’s seen as a cover to let Facebook duck responsibility.


Break them up. There should be no “control” over free speech. Reasonable expectations perhaps, but no banning.

1 posted on 5/4/2021, 12:40:30 PM by 1Old Pro
So much for “The Power Of The Free Market”, huh?
To: 1Old Pro

How about reinstating Donald J. Trump to the Presidency. That’s where he belongs. MAGA!!!

19 posted on 5/4/2021, 12:57:38 PM by spincaster (i)

Wow! What power that board has! Can they also turn water into wine?
To: 1Old Pro

Technically our Government cannot censor people . So how to get around this roadblock when it wants to bury annoying truths ? Simple, give certain companies special favors and allow them to become monopolies in return for said companies to do the censoring for them.

22 posted on 5/4/2021, 1:02:57 PM by Nateman (Keep Liberty Alive! Article V!)

A few Freepers still stick to reality :
To: 1Old Pro

“Break them up. There should be no “control” over free speech. Reasonable expectations perhaps, but no banning.”

Should private companies be allowed to develop their own policies or not. Conservatives argue a bakery should be allowed to refuse to bake a gay wedding cake. It would be hypocritical to make that argument and at the same time declare Facebook shouldn’t be allowed to set the rules for use of its services.

Should a motel be required to allow pets in the rooms? Should an over 55 community in Florida be required to allow families with children to purchase and inhabit homes?

6 posted on 5/4/2021, 12:46:07 PM by Soul of the South (The past is gone and cannot be changed. Tomorrow can be a better day if we work on it.)

To: Soul of the South

I agree with you. I think if the government seizes control over who Facebook and Twitter are allowed to censor and ban, what’s to stop them from forcing FreeRepublic to allow bad posts to go without being removed or to allow trolls and other undesirables to continue posting indefinitely?

I think if you don’t like the website, find another. I don’t like Facebook, so I left it. I never liked Twitter. I do like FreeRepublic. Not everyone does. They should find somewhere else; not get the government to force FR to let them be a problem here.

21 posted on 5/4/2021, 1:01:30 PM by 2aProtectsTheRest (The media is banging the fear drum enough. Don’t help them do it.)

And then :

BREAKING: Facebook Announces Decision NOT to Reinstate Donald Trump’s Account Conservative Brief ^ | 5/5 | Carmine Sabia Posted on 5/5/2021, 8:09:38 AM by TrumpianRepublican

The world’s preeminent social media site, Facebook, has made its decision on whether to allow Donald Trump back on its platform.

The answer came on Wednesday when the site’s Oversight Board ruled that Trump will stay banned from the platform.

Access to Facebook is seen by many as crucial to Trump’s chances of victory if he decides to campaign for president in 2024.

1 posted on 5/5/2021, 8:09:38 AM by TrumpianRepublican
Reactions below the folderino –

To: TrumpianRepublican

No surprise. Facebook stinks

2 posted on 5/5/2021, 8:10:27 AM by cyclotic (Live your life in such a way that they hate you as much as they hated Rush Limbaugh)

To: TrumpianRepublican

Well that tears it. I’m done with fecesbook……. Oh. Never did.

4 posted on 5/5/2021, 8:11:34 AM by rktman (Destroy America from within? Check! WTH? Enlisted USN 1967 to end up with this?)

So you’re going to delete the account you never had?
THAT’LL show them!  Own the libs, baby!
To: TrumpianRepublican

Any Trump supporter still with a Facebook account should be ashamed of themselves.I don’t want to hear the lame excuse “but I’m only on Facebook to see family pictures.” That doesn’t wash with me.

6 posted on 5/5/2021, 8:12:12 AM by SamAdams76 (By stealing Trump’s second term, the Left gets Trump for 8 more years instead of just four.)
What are you going to do if they don’t? “Cancel” them?
To: TrumpianRepublican

I use facebook to keep up with the family.
I will not leave it…

That doesn’t mean that I cannot mess with their heads..
You know those ads that keep coming up in your feed?
Report every one of them as offensive and then send.
Keep those little shits that work there busy with that

23 posted on 5/5/2021, 8:23:29 AM by joe fonebone (Free Beer Tomorrow)

What a fiendish plan!   I’m sure it won’t land you on an exclusion list.
Reports aren’t fielded by people, they’re fielded by an algorithm, you putz.  If you’re not already, you’ll be put on the “ignore” list soon enough.
THEN whose time will you be wasting?  (hint : yours)
To: TrumpianRepublican
By 2024 Trump will have more than 80 millions(sic) subscribers on his social network.

Um – that “social network” consists of a website that looks like it was coded by a Junior High student.

Facebook’s blatant political progressive’s positions will reduce it to a place to post family photos and trivial conversations. The fair minded users should NEVER click on their ads and never buy from vendors who contact them as a result of their fishing of your comments. This is the equivalent of a social civil war beginning on our computers everywhere !!

13 posted on 5/5/2021, 8:16:30 AM by DrHFrog

PALM BEACH (The Borowitz Report)—A defiant Donald J. Trump is urging his supporters to follow him on Facebook Total Landscaping, a new social network he has created.
Woo Hoo!
To: bray

Instead of 40 acres and a mule, Zuckerberg got 600 acres of Hawaii beachfront. The rats reward their snakes well.

17 posted on 5/5/2021, 8:18:19 AM by redshawk ( I want my red balloon. (

That one actually blew up the irony meter.
To: TrumpianRepublican

Not on Facebook. Don’t watch Netflix. Stop supporting your enemies.

39 posted on 5/5/2021, 8:46:22 AM by freedomjusticeruleoflaw (Strange that a man with his wealth would have to resort to prostitution.)

Boycott EVERYTHING!!!!
BTW, he wrote this on a computer full of chips manufactured in China.
Just so you know.
To: joe fonebone

I notified anyone I cared about that I can no longer see their FB postings….told my family that if they wanted me to see something….pics, etc. to email me. No Instagram, no Twitter, and no FB. Life has gone on just fine.

53 posted on 5/5/2021, 10:30:39 AM by Jrabbit

..and they all breathed a hearty sigh of relief.   Strangely enough, no emails are coming in yet.
Oh well.
These nincompoops lived and breathed for Hair Furor’s tweets and FB posts, and now they’re all pretending to not give a shit that The Darnold has had his propaganda fangs pulled.
Sucks to be you.
See you good people next Monday!

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  1. Someone, in particular someone who is aware of all internet traditions, should let the Freepers know that Donald has been
    “added to the global killfile”

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