Friday Catblogging: Upside Down Cat

The other day we watched Hitchcock’s The Birds. I hoped that it would be an entertainment two-fer: a great movie that drove the cat crazy. Instead, Claire barely reacted to all the bird noises and slept through most of the movie. I was simultaneously disappointed and impressed. Perhaps she knew it was a movie. Beats the hell outta me.

4 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Upside Down Cat

  1. Perhaps she knew it was a movie.
    That reminds me. When our daughter was young, she firmly believed that The Blair Witch Project was a documentary, and our then-young son thought that Tombstone told the literal truth. Claire Trevor knows better than my kids.

  2. YouTube has bird videos for cats.
    As in, 8 hour long videos of birds landing, pecking at seeds, flying off.

    Best thing on YouTube, since the internet is made of cats.

  3. Hope you thought of me since I live just down the road from Bodega Bay.

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