Tweet Of The Day: Naomi Wolf Edition

Naomi Wolf is a living, breathing fact-free zone. Her books have been all over the place, but they all boil down to a central point: me, me, me. Any time I contemplate her, I think of two classic books from the late 1970’s: Christopher Lasch’s The Culture Of Narcissism and Tom Wolfe’s The Me Decade. Every decade is the Me Decade for Naomi Wolf.

In recent years, Wolf has become a rabid anti-vaxxer. An odd place for a one-time adviser to Al Gore to land but RFK Junior is one too. The malakatude it burns.

Wolf’s Twitter account was recently suspended for spreading COVID and anti-vax disinformation as well as general cluelessness. I made that last bit up, but it fits.

Her prize-winning tweet is of the clueless variety:

The last words I’d use to describe Belfast in the 1970’s are calm, still, peaceful. Haven’t you ever heard of The Troubles? Try watching Derry Girls for a comedic take on the pre-Good Friday Agreement days in Ulster. They were anything but restful and natural.

That’s right, it didn’t personally impact Naomi Wolf, so it didn’t happen.

In case you’re wondering if she’s too young to know about The Troubles, Wolf is 58 years old.

Repeat after me: Every decade is the Me Decade for Naomi Wolf.

The last word goes to U2 with a song about those “calm, still, peaceful, restful, natural” days in Northern Ireland.



3 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day: Naomi Wolf Edition

  1. Belfast is a beautiful city full of all the sounds a city can produce, from people to cars to work to anything else the mind imagines when thinking of urban life. But it is most definitely URBAN. If she thinks calm, peaceful, restful, still, and natural describe a city bustling with life then I can only think it’s because she toured it with her head firmly placed where the sun don’t shine. And by the way, The Troubles are never far from the imagination there even today. The murals, the scars, the ill will and bad feelings lie both on the surface and skin deep beneath. Anyone with half an ounce of human empathy can see that, which I suppose explains why she can’t.

  2. Next you’re gonna tell us that Stalingrad wasn’t idyllic in 1942? Fake News!

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