5 thoughts on “SMV: Hot Tuna Speed Of Sound Festival Live

  1. I apologise for leaving an off-topic comment here, but I see no other way of contacting your web site (if I missed contact details, more apologies are due), and the blog pieces that I’m concerned with have their comments closed.

    Paul McMahon had his diary pieces published on my blog before he submitted them to you. I didn’t know this, but it’s not an issue, the copyright was always his and good luck to him in getting a wider audience than I could offer.

    What I am concerned about is him. He seems to have gone missing, and doesn’t respond to emails (which we’ve exchanged many times). His last comment on my blog a few days ago was out of character for him, he seemed very upset, and it’s not clear what he’s upset about. The move to Seville (not the friendliest of towns) must have been a considerable wrench for him in unexpected ways, and his health is not great.

    He has many friends on my blog, who have asked about him and miss him and worry. If for any reason (or none) he doesn’t want to continue writing for us, that’s fine. We just want to know if he’s okay.

    If you/anyone can help to put our hive mind at rest, I’d be very welcome.

    Thank you.

    1. He’s active on both Facebook and Twitter. He seems to be doing well. My hunch is that his internet connection isn’t great. Either that or he’s too busy to spend much time online.

  2. I was lucky enough to see Hot Tuna ( Jorma / Jack)
    in a small theater in Norwalk, CT a #:of years ago.
    Jorma was amazing- He played a lap steel, much
    Like a Dulcimer in configuration.
    Funny part was we got the tickets from a local music store owner.
    When we asked why he was not going he said.
    Jorma can’t teach me a thing…lol
    In his defense, he had Segovia skills.

    1. One of my high school cronies was the personal banker for Jeff Starship and Hot Tuna. We got passes up the wazoo. They were always good.

      1. Jorma is perhaps one of the most underrated guitar player of the top 100 lists . Understated but every note, every chord, every solo always note perfect. A guitar slinger who can play in any style when the song dictates. There is a reason why players show up every summer to participate in his classes . – rbm

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