Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Short and sour edition

Hi, good people! There are SO many good and funny Free Republic threads each week, and I’m afraid my attempts here to document the thread paths are making my posts too long, so I’m going go try (this week, anyway) to make each one as short as possible. So – starting with:

Letters – I get letters…

Man arrested for sending threatening emails to Fauci
NY Post ^ | 07/27/2021 | Jesse O’Neill

Posted on 7/28/2021, 8:38:04 AM by ChicagoConservative27

A Maryland man was arrested for repeatedly threatening to harm Dr. Anthony Fauci and his family, along with another top doctor.

Thomas Patrick Connally Jr., 56, allegedly sent multiple emails that repeatedly threatened acts of gun violence, physical beatings, torture and arson, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Tuesday.

The profanity-laced missives were sent from an encrypted Swiss-based email account between December and last week, and were filled with conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic and homophobic comments, documents allege.


10 years in prison for emails? Yikes.

1 posted on 7/28/2021, 8:38:04 AM by ChicagoConservative27
No, you odoriferous twatwaffle, 10 years in prison for DEATH THREATS.
To: ChicagoConservative27
Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier is he?
12 posted on 7/28/2021, 8:44:26 AM by dynachrome (“I will not be reconstructed, and I do not give a damn.”)
And now I’m going to skip the 30-odd “false flag” posts and get right to – the post of the thread!
To: ChicagoConservative27
What was his freeper name?
3 posted on 7/28/2021, 8:40:18 AM by DannyTN
Ba dum tss!
More after the you-know-what,

Next up – it’s – Six Point Spread!

[NeverTrumper] Rep. Jake Ellzey Upsets in Texas’ 6th Congressional District Over [Trump-endorsed] Susan WrightThe Texan ^ | July 27, 2021 | Patrick Svitek Posted on 7/28/2021, 7:45:10 AM by Alter KakerState Rep. Jake Ellzey of Waxahachie beat fellow Republican Susan Wright on Tuesday to succeed her late husband, U.S. Rep. Ron Wright, R-Arlington, and pull off a major upset against a candidate backed by former President Donald Trump.With all precincts reporting Wednesday morning, Ellzey got 53% of the vote, while Susan Wright, a longtime GOP activist, received 47%, according to unofficial results.***************************************

NeverTrumper supported by William Kristol and Dan Crenshaw defeats MAGA candidate… unbelievable.
1 posted on 7/28/2021, 7:45:10 AM by Alter Kaker
To: Alter Kaker
By a six point spread! In Texas! Unbelievable, indeed, and not good. There must be some back story here. Does Texas have an open primary and Dem crossover did this?
5 posted on 7/28/2021, 7:50:37 AM by ProtectOurFreedom (“Criminal democrats kill babies. Do you think anything else is a problem for them?” ~ joma89)
“Six Point Spread” is the name of my next band.
To: Alter Kaker
Check and audit for voter fraud.
8 posted on 7/28/2021, 7:51:36 AM by ExTexasRedhead
They’re both Republicans, you reeking pillock.
To: Alter Kaker
looking at 2012/2016, trump didn’t really outperform romney in TX with republicans in general. the difference was with independents, and they apparently don’t vote in primaries.
it’s possible, although not probable, that this could be a sign of things to come in tx.
6 posted on 7/28/2021, 7:51:00 AM by JohnBrowdie
Repubs are starting to lose seats in the Texas ledge (like SD 65) that they’ve held since Christ was a corporal, so – yeah.
Next up – BAN HIM!!

Former Rep. Mike Nearman pleads guilty, banned from CapitolOregonLive ^ | 7/27/2021 | Chris Lehman Posted on 7/27/2021, 9:24:58 PM by Nextrush

Former Oregon represenative Mike Nearman is banned from entering the Oregon Capitol or the grounds surrounding the building for the next 18 months after pleading guilty Tuesday to official misconduct, a misdemeanor…

Nearman must also perform 80 hours of community service, pay the Legislature $2,700 in restitution and pay $200 in court fees. He’ll technically be on probation but does not have to report to a probation officer. He’ll need to return to court next April to demonstrate that he’s complying with the agreement.

The guilty plea is the result of Nearman’s actions on Dec. 21, 2020 when he opened a door at the Capitol to allow a group of violent demonstrators inside the building, which was closed due to the pandemic. Some of them clashed with police in a vestibule near the entrance…

Speaking to Portland radio talk show host Lars Larson in KXL Tuesday afternoon, Nearman said he pled guilty to avoid having to pay his attorney to sift through all the evidence against him.

“I would have really preferred to make it go to trial,” said Nearman. “The legal bills were stacking up. It made more sense to pay (a fine) and do a little community service, rather than pay twenty or thirty thousand more to attorneys.”

Nearman told Larson that while he admitted guilt in court, “I don’t think I committed a crime and I don’t think I did anything wrong.”..


This Republican legislator appears to me to have been entrapped when he let some people into the State Capitol in Salem Oregon last December and those people got into a tussle with police.

We obviously have different interpretations of the word “entrapped”.  Yours sounds a little like “When I jumped into a freeway full of speeding cars, I was entrapped by two of them and killed”

A dress rehearsal for January 6th in DC?

1 posted on 7/27/2021, 9:24:58 PM by Nextrush
You said it, not I.
To: Nextrush
He wasn’t entrapped. He gave a lecture, on video, about how “somebody might” let him know that they wanted into the Capitol with a “hypoothetical(sic)” phone number that happened to be his real phone number. Super cutesy. And completely intentional.

Sorry he didn’t expect the violent folks to follow through. He created the opportunity, invited the action, and regretted the outcome. Too bad. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

He forgot the most important rule: if you’re going to play stupid games, don’t do it on tape!

12 posted on 7/27/2021, 9:49:42 PM by MisterEd37 (TSA: You don’t get on until we get off!)

So – incite violence against elected officials, just don’t leave any evidence.  Got it.
Oh yea, and also:
Moving right along – it’s The eyes have had it!

Judge eyes sanctions on pro-Trump lawyers who claimed voter fraud Reuters ^ | July 12,2021 | Jan Wolfe, David Thomas Posted on 7/12/2021, 4:34:41 PM by Coronal

WASHINGTON, July 12 (Reuters) – A U.S. judge on Monday appeared likely to reprimand Sidney Powell, a former campaign lawyer for Donald Trump, and other attorneys over a lawsuit they filed in Michigan seeking to overturn Democratic President Joe Biden’s election victory.

U.S. District Judge Linda Parker in Detroit suggested the pro-Trump lawyers should have investigated the Republican former president’s voter fraud claims more carefully before suing.

“Should an attorney be sanctioned for his or her failure to withdraw allegations the attorney came to know were untrue?,” Parker said during a court hearing via video conference. “Is that sanctionable behavior?

She said she thought affidavits in the case had been submitted in “bad faith.”

Parker held the hearing to determine whether Powell, Lin Wood and other pro-Trump lawyers should be disciplined for a lawsuit they filed last November that made baseless claims of widespread voter fraud in the U.S. presidential election in Michigan.

They are not the only lawyers allied with Trump to land in hot water for supporting his false claims that his election defeat was the result of fraud. New York state and Washington, D.C., in recent weeks suspended former New York City Mayor and Trump confidant Rudy Giuliani’s law license after finding he lied in supporting Trump’s claims.

Parker dismissed the Michigan lawsuit last December, saying in a written decision that Powell’s voter fraud claims were “nothing but speculation and conjecture” and that, in any event, the Texas lawyer waited too long to file her lawsuit.

1 posted on 7/12/2021, 4:34:41 PM by Coronal

And since no “Obsession” these days is complete without a good clown slap fight :

To: Coronal

In case you missed it.. l lin wood is throwing powell under the bus

And for that idiot who claimed i was just jealous of her…ummm…did you read her filing that said no reasonable person would have believed her

33 posted on 7/12/2021, 5:02:02 PM by RummyChick (To President Trump:

To: hawkaw
The information these lawyers provided was highly misleading and just plain wrong.
Prove it!
44 posted on 7/12/2021, 5:22:38 PM by MileHi ((Liberalism is an ideology of parasites, hypocrites, grievance mongers, victims, and control freaks.)
To: MileHi
Let’s see.

1) Where’s the kracken that they kept bragging about. Oh yeah. It never happened!

2) the suggestion that 139 percent of registered voters in Detroit voted when in actuality 51 percent did.

And on and on and on it goes. They misled you and everyone else big time, sucked you and a lot of people down a big rabbit hole and they deserve to be disbarred. All of them.

I know you can’t see it right now seeing you still have the rose colored glasses on but maybe, in a few years, you might actually figure it out.

59 posted on 7/12/2021, 7:23:53 PM by hawkaw

To: hawkaw
They didn’t suck me down anything.

I love it when you talk dirty.

Patronize someone else.

61 posted on 7/12/2021, 7:43:35 PM by MileHi ((Liberalism is an ideology of parasites, hypocrites, grievance mongers, victims, and control freaks.)

DING!  Go to your corners!
Let’s finish up with the Freeperati favourite (now that they’ve thrown Hannity under the bus) Tucker Carlson.  It’s – Tucker Tiddlywinks!
Tucker Carlson call out(sic) voter fraud for the first time in 6 months.
FOX NEWS ^ | 14 July 2021 | Tucker Carlson
(YouTube link deleted because who gives a fuck)
1 posted on 7/14/2021, 8:07:46 PM by WinstonSmith1984
To: WinstonSmith1984
Tucker sat by and played twiddlewinks, while his bosses helped steal an election… Tucker grew up benefiting from deep state. And Tucker could not be bothered with his good friend Hunter’s laptop.. Tucker’s first priority is his bank account, and he keeps it flush with ratings, playing people fast and loose..
3 posted on 7/14/2021, 8:15:44 PM by Just mythoughts (Psalm 2. Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?)
To: WinstonSmith1984
What level Tick Tock are we at now, I’m lost?
4 posted on 7/14/2021, 8:16:14 PM by FReepaholic (Stupidity is not a crime, so you’re free to go.)
“procon” offers up a limp-wristed comeback:
To: Just mythoughts
Ooh, an anti-Tuckerite.Besides FR, who do you watch for news?
7 posted on 7/14/2021, 8:19:38 PM by PROCON (Our rights do not come from government, therefore they cannot take them away.)
……and is promptly slapped down for it :
Tucker protecting Hunter opened my eyes that Tucker is just a run of the mill mouthpiece out to maintain his principals.

I read the news. The Foxes along with the other principles(sic) of air are not welcomed in my house…

10 posted on 7/14/2021, 8:27:17 PM by Just mythoughts (Psalm 2. Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?)

OK – that was short and sweet  sour.  Tune in next Monday for more!
And let me know in the comments if you want to go back to “long form”.

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