Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “End of the world as they know it” edition

I can sum up this week’s Obsession post with a single pic :


Recently, I’ve been focusing on the circular firing squad Free Republic has become, but lately it appears they have started running out of ammo and are ready to turn the guns on themselves :

Senate OKs Dems’ $3.5T budget in latest win for Biden
The Associated Press ^ | August 11, 2021 | By ALAN FRAM (D-AP)

Posted on 8/11/2021, 6:16:54 AM by Oldeconomybuyer

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats pushed a $3.5 trillion framework for bolstering family services, health, and environment programs through the Senate early Wednesday, advancing President Joe Biden’s expansive vision for reshaping federal priorities just hours after handing him a companion triumph on a hefty infrastructure package.

Lawmakers approved Democrats’ budget resolution on a party-line 50-49 vote, a crucial step for a president and party set on training the government’s fiscal might on assisting families, creating jobs and fighting climate change. Higher taxes on the wealthy and corporations would pay for much of it. Passage came despite an avalanche of Republican amendments intended to make their rivals pay a price in next year’s elections for control of Congress.

House leaders announced their chamber will return from summer recess in two weeks to vote on the fiscal blueprint, which contemplates disbursing the $3.5 trillion over the next decade. Final congressional approval, which seems certain, would protect a subsequent bill actually enacting the outline’s detailed spending and tax changes from a Republican filibuster in the 50-50 Senate, delays that would otherwise kill it.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., once a progressive voice in Congress’ wilderness and now a national figure wielding legislative clout, said the measure would help children, families, the elderly and working people — and more.

“It will also, I hope, restore the faith of the American people in the belief that we can have a government that works for all of us, and not just the few,” he said.


1 posted on 8/11/2021, 6:16:54 AM by Oldeconomybuyer
As in “roasted on your own spit”, or ” spit into the wind”?
To: Oldeconomybuyer
Trump couldn’t even get $3.5 billion to go to the border wall for the good of the country,

That’s because everyone (except Freepers) realizes that there are a hundred ways around a wall, and that most of the undocumented immigrants come over on a temp work visa and then just don’t go back. Carry on.

and not even from surpluses or taken from military spending that was already approved, but Republicans go along with this utter BS to the tune of $3.5 TRILLION!!!!

(Psychoanalyst voice) “Zo – how does that make you feel?”

The fix is in, we are done,

Jesus come back soon,


but if we have to fight a civil war first let’s get it on!!!

3 posted on 8/11/2021, 6:28:35 AM by Blue Highway

And how did that work out for you assholes the LAST time you tried it?
Come, now – certainly it can’t be that bad?
To: Blue Highway
Yep. I’m taking my name off the voting rolls. I’ll never vote again but don’t want someone voting in my name.

5 posted on 8/11/2021, 6:37:39 AM by Josa

Works for me.
Its over folks .
We are leaving soon for overseas .
Good luck .
6 posted on 8/11/2021, 6:44:31 AM by ncalburt (Gop DC Globalists are the real danger )
Who’s going to tell him about the tax structure and socialized medicine over there?
Good luck.
More after the unconditional surrender.

Meanwhile, back in my home state…..

Abbott appeals for out-of-state help against Covid in Texas ^ | 9 August 2021 Posted on 8/10/2021, 11:20:24 PM by Cronos

Gov. Greg Abbott is appealing for out-of-state help to fight the third wave of Covid-19 in Texas.

The Monday appeal comes as a county-owned hospital in Houston raises tents to accommodate their Covid-19 overflow. Private hospitals in the county already were requiring their staff to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

…Abbott has directed the Texas Department of State Health Services to use staffing agencies to find additional medical staff from beyond the state’s borders as the delta wave began to overwhelm its present staffing resources. He also has sent a letter to the Texas Hospital Association to request that hospitals postpone all elective medical procedures voluntarily.

Hospital officials in Houston said last week that area hospitals with beds had insufficient numbers of nurses to serve them.

Abbott also directed the state health department and the Texas Division of Emergency Management to open additional Covid-19 antibody infusion centers to treat patients not needing hospital care and expand Covid-19 vaccine availability to the state’s underserved communities. He also announced that about $267 million in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program food benefits. That was on top of the $3.9 billion in benefits previously allocated since April 2020.

Meantime, one of Houston’s two county-owned hospitals was pitching tents to accommodate its Covid-19 overflow. Harris Health System and Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital in northeastern Houston added nearly 2,000 square feet of medical tents in the hope of taking control of the anticipated increase in patient volume and keep staff and non-Covi-19 patients safe.

1 posted on 8/10/2021, 11:20:24 PM by Cronos
To: Cronos
And this isn’t happening in any other state?!
2 posted on 8/10/2021, 11:21:41 PM by Skywise
Ask DeSantis.
To: Cronos
Wanna help Texas? Stay the hell out..
3 posted on 8/10/2021, 11:22:55 PM by OrangeHoof (Chinese communism will look different once the masks come off.)
I wish Abbot would stay the hell out, but he’s too busy trying to arrest Democratic Party Congresspeeps.
To: Cronos
Abbott, you’ve just indicated to the country that Texas can’t handle their own state. Nice job, idiot.
4 posted on 8/10/2021, 11:23:58 PM by CatOwner (Don’t expect anyone, even conservatives, to have your back when the SHTF in 2021)
Being an idiot is the only job Abbott has done well.
Of course we know whose fault this really is, don’t we?
To: CatOwner
D(sic) be surprised if the current uptick wasn’t caused by the illegals Biden is flooding the state with.
23 posted on 8/11/2021, 12:11:41 AM by Flaming Conservative ((Pray without ceasing))
To: Flaming Conservative

If that’s the case, then Abbott should state that’s the reason for the needed assistance. Give numbers (% of hospitalizations due to illegals). If he won’t do that, then he needs to be replaced.

25 posted on 8/11/2021, 3:04:53 AM by CatOwner (Don’t expect anyone, even conservatives, to have your back when the SHTF in 2021)

To: CatOwner
He proved that last winter.
32 posted on 8/11/2021, 7:54:13 AM by moovova (Yo GOP….we won’t forget.)
Next up – “Swore Loser!”

AZ Sec of State Hobbs: ‘Sore Loser’ Trump’s Rally Is ‘Dangerous’Breitbart ^ | July 24, 2021 Posted on 7/24/2021, 10:40:33 AM by White Lives Matter

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D), who is running for governor, said Friday on CNN’s “Situation Room” that former President Donald Trump should “move on” and stop being a “sore loser.”

Guest-host Jim Acosta asked, “Former President Trump will be in Arizona this weekend to peddle his baseless conspiracy theories about voter fraud. His go-to excuse for losing the 2021 election…How dangerous is it for Donald Trump to be coming to your state tomorrow, do you think?”

Hobbs said, “Well, it is dangerous. I’m glad you pointed that out. But the bottom line is it doesn’t matter what he says or does. Nothing is going to change the outcome of the 2020 election. But it also doesn’t change how dangerous this is. The bottom line is that Arizonians are tired of being led by conspiracy theorists and don’t support this fake audit, and they’re ready for leaders that are going to put those partisan games aside and deal with real issues. That’s why I’m running for governor.”

1 posted on 7/24/2021, 10:40:33 AM by White Lives Matter

Any comments, Freepers?

To: conservative98

Why do women liberals have such ridiculous haircuts? She looks like Elton John.

10 posted on 7/24/2021, 10:51:46 AM by SamAdams76 (Give me a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer)


To: White Lives Matter
Rally attendees may end up incarcerated with Jan 6 capitol riot attendees. Wait for new law that prohibits attendance of Trump rallies.
Actually, I’m waiting for some desperate network to offer The Darnold a new reality game show:

Think I’m kidding?
Just you wait.

44 posted on 7/24/2021, 11:58:14 AM by 353FMG



Well, I’ll save some of those delicious Freeper Tears for next Monday.


Stay dry!


Oops – almost forgot the obligatory First Draft music video.








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  1. Damn, I misread:

    “To: White Lives Matter
    Rally attendees may end up incarcerated incinerated with Jan 6 capitol riot attendees”

    but I like my version better.

  2. That is one damned fine music video. I mentioned here and there I think a subset of the population has short-circuited, that we’re living in Heinlein’s Year of the Jackpot. Not an easy topic to put to paper; a subset of the population knows on a subconscious level the world as we know it is ending and they’re falling apart. That is one damned fine music video, might just have to use it in a blog post. Hell’s Belles, a stand-alone blog post …

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