You Make Me Feel So Young

This feature began life with torch songs, the sadder the better. I’ll continue to post them but given how grim things are this summer, I’m keeping it light today.

You Make Me Feel So Young was written in 1946 by Josef Myrow and Mack Gordon. It was recorded several times before the patron saint of the Friday Cocktail Hour took ownership of the song in 1956. That’s where we begin.

Ella Fitzgerald put her own spin on it 3 years later.

It’s a pity that Rosie Clooney is best known as George Clooney’s aunt in 2021. She was a helluva saloon singer.

Chet Baker had a tough life. He sounds as if he’s trying to convince himself that it will get better. It never did, but I like this sparely arranged rendition of You Make Me Feel So Young.

Finally, a 21st Century version by Willie Nelson:

What would a Friday Cocktail Hour be without a Jazz instrumental version of the week’s song? This time, Oscar Peterson followed by guitarist Earl Klugh.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Oscar Peterson?

That’s it for now. A week like this calls for straight whiskey, so pour yourself a drink and toast the end of a 20-year war. It’s what Bogie, Betty, and Frank would want. Never argue with them.