Adrastos Update

From Adrastos:

Dr A, Claire, and I are fine. Just hot and sweaty. There was minimal damage to our house but the power is still out. Absent a return of power, we’ll be going to some friends in the Shreveport area tomorrow.

I’ll have more to say by Saturday.

That is all.

4 thoughts on “Adrastos Update

  1. Michael D. Storey says:

    ‘ Hot and Sweaty.’ Even for the inter web, a ton o’ info there. From where I sit on the Maryland coast, a mere stone’s throw away, I’m struggling with 68 degrees and what looks like not a cloud in North America. I wish you the best, speedy recovery, etc. Your work is important. Best to you all

  2. Ten Bears says:

    Raining like hell in Boston … [wait, like … ahhhh … raining pretty good]

  3. Beautiful here in Buffalo, NY. Best weather of the summer.

  4. USA Teabagged says:

    Hoping you are all safe and well.

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