This week on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati “Electional Dysfunction” edition

Ok – get suited up, everyone. Oh……you already were. The new normal I guess.

Anyway – you just know the Freeperati were going to take Oreo Trump’s defeat in the California recall stoically.  Right?

Ca Recall Live Thread
9/14/2021 | Me

Posted on 9/14/2021, 8:27:49 AM by Openurmind

I am not in Ca but have important interest in this Ca vote. Ca is the test bed for unconstitutional laws that are eventually implemented nation wide. If Newsom is recalled it will be a huge blow to the Democrat party agenda over all(sic).

Does anyone have a reliable source to monitor and keep tract(sic) of the numbers today? The only one I could find was the SF Chronicle. And I don’t trust the numbers they will be throwing out. Any help with this would be great!

1 posted on 9/14/2021, 8:27:49 AM by Openurmind
This is going to be big fun!
Wait for it…
To: Openurmind

Let the cheating begin!

6 posted on 9/14/2021, 8:33:40 AM by JerseyDvl (During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.)


At 8:30 in the morning, you’re saying this?

To: Dan in Wichita


We cry out for justice and fair elections. May Californians vote Newsom out of office Intervene on our behalf. Save California and our nation from tyranny.

In JESUS Name we pray.

13 posted on 9/14/2021, 8:40:42 AM by stars & stripes forever (Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. (Psalm 33:12))

To: Celerity
I’m calling it right now.

He ain’t getting recalled.

Yep agreed. On the Warroom they are already talking about challeging(sic) the election. Sorry Larry. You are going to have a helluva time gaining any sympathy after you pissed on Trump voters

I thought The Darnold liked that sort of thing.  His voters don’t?

by saying Biden was elected fair and square.

Screw your mulligan BTW Wanting to walk it back. Your stupid never-trumper stance killed your chances.

41 posted on 9/14/2021, 9:40:48 AM by The MAGA-Deplorian (Democrats are lawless because Republicans are ball-less!)

To: Persevero

Get out the vote! Nice job.

Leave the surrendering to the usual surrender monkeys. Man, they’re boring.

57 posted on 9/14/2021, 10:27:20 AM by romanesq (TRUSTY THE PLAN! ChiCom Joe is the Plan? Que magnificent! 👹)

Surrender monkeys?
To: Openurmind
Thank you for posting this thread.I’m in California and am as nervous as hell. If Newsom prevails I have to leave the state because I am guardian to 3 grands and over my dead body are they getting vaccinated.

Let’s hope that’s how it plays out.

(BTW, there’s another website giving the “Herman Cain Awards” Reddit some competition – it’s called “” )

I am not worried about this with Larry Elder and in fact, it is my main issue among many, many others.

For what it’s worth, Larry has said they are prepared to jump with litigation if there is funny business. I hope he means it because that is an absolute certainty. The Rats have been stealing elections in this state for at least 20 years.

80 posted on 9/14/2021, 12:34:34 PM by truthkeeper (All Trump Has Going for Him is the Votes)

Get your popcorn out, and follow me to the “read more” link for reactions to the loss, and Freeper incoherent anger at Elder’s failure to “jump with litigation”.

There’s obviously going to be a huge amount of Democratic mail-in fraud.  (40 or 50 posts so far declaring this)
To: Openurmind
Just voted..
Orange County
At least 30+ people in line
Poll worker said has been like this all morning
Could be people walking their votes in, not mailing
88 posted on 9/14/2021, 1:00:47 PM by rainee (Trump won!
To: Openurmind

two lawful votes from our family to take down the regime. please, Lord, see that they count for freedom! thank You, in your Son’s name i pray, Amen.

90 posted on 9/14/2021, 1:03:11 PM by dadfly

If you pray to god and he gives you the opposite of what you were asking for, does that mean that you’re a shitty prayer, or that he’s a shitty god?
To: southernindymom
Americans, we, have a lot more hurt to go through before things turn around.
I’m talking about red dawn type of hurt.
107 posted on 9/14/2021, 2:38:00 PM by Celerity
Badger,badger,badger…….I mean – WOLVERINES!!!
Let’s jump ahead a bit…
To: Eleutheria5
That mouth breather McCallum on FAUX news has been salivating all day, dropping hints that Larry is gonna lose. I pray she is wrong, and I pray she is let go from FAUX soon!!

Again with the praying? How many times do you have to get kicked in the nuts?

I am tired of her liberal rhetoric not well hidden from her sitting there mouth breathing and her tongue sticking out of her yap

125 posted on 9/14/2021, 3:59:15 PM by MagUSNRET ((” I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of he night”))


To: stars & stripes forever
Been praying for this election all day….
In JESUS Name…..
132 posted on 9/14/2021, 4:39:14 PM by pollywog (” O thou who changest not….ABIDE with me”)
To: Scarlett156
When I voted in person today the polling place was mobbed, EVERYONE with mail in ballot in hand to be destroyed and voting in person, the BASTARD Newsome closed almost all polling stations making it difficult for in person voting


HOWEVER our side were out in full force regardless, FIRED UP the time in line passed really quickly because we were ALL discussing the absolute LOSER Newsome is!! Our side is fired up I can’t see their side being this fired up to save this POS!! Three people in line dragged their 18 year old kids to the polls all three kids being forced to vote by their parents for the first time, the kids are sick of the masks and don’t want the shots!! I did not have much hope but after my time at the polls today I am FULL OF HOPE, scared to death they will find a way to steal it though!! We have MORE volunteers for this recall than we have EVER, EVER seen for an election PLEASE PRAY it is in Gods hands now!!

141 posted on 9/14/2021, 6:13:56 PM by Trump Girl Kit Cat (Yosemite Sam raising hell)

Again with the praying?  I’m running  out of memes.
To: Trump Girl Kit Cat
Thanks for sharing Trump Girl Kit Cat!!!!
I am a Californian and our church actually had a collection of ballots Sunday and was driving them straight to the Registar of Voters office today!!!!
I am with you .. PRAYING MUCH and asking God for a miracle.
163 posted on 9/14/2021, 7:37:53 PM by pollywog (” O thou who changest not….ABIDE with me”)
Hey, I’ve got an idea – why don’t you morons pray for Elder to LOSE? Maybe this shit works in reverse?
To: janetjanet998
CALIFORNIA RECALL WAR ROOM: NEWSOM ON THE ROPES—Ft. Ric Grenell, Jack Posobiec, Benny Johnson & MORE
221 posted on 9/14/2021, 9:45:08 PM by janetjanet998
“Rope-a-dope” comes to mind here…
To: shadowlands1960
No 3,631,722 69.4
Yes 1,600,647 30.6
24% Reporting
It is no longer possible to overcome this. I can’t believe this snake is getting these numbers. Surprised it hasn’t been called already.
242 posted on 9/14/2021, 10:18:36 PM by shadowlands1960 (“…some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again… ” CSL)
Now where did I put that tiny violin?
Aaaand –
To: Openurmind
1:23 A.M. — Elder slams the establishment media’s lack of coverage of the woman wearing gorilla mask who threw an egg at him. The radio host notes that he doesn’t play the race card. “As far as I’m concerned after we elected the first Black president, everything else is anti-climactic,” he says.
1:19 A.M. — Elder again says that although he lost the election, “We are forcing them now to pay attention to the problem of homelessness. We are forcing them now to do a better job on schools.”
1:13 A.M. — Larry Elder addresses supporters, says: “Let’s be gracious in defeat. We may have lost the battle, but we are going to win the war.” 369 posted on 9/15/2021, 12:46:18 AM by conservative98


Larry Elder, ‘Gracious in Defeat’: ‘We May Have Lost the Battle, but We Are Going to Win the War’
Breitbart ^ | 09/15/2021 | Joel B Pollack

Posted on 9/15/2021, 7:50:34 AM by ChicagoConservative27

Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder told supporters to be “gracious in defeat” as he conceded the results of the recall election on Tuesday night, which Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) won in a landslide, crushing an effort to unseat him.

As of Wednesday morning, the “no” vote led the “yes” vote by nearly two-to-one (64.2.% to 35.8%), a stunning result given that several polls of likely California voters in late July showed Newsom within the margin of error or even losing.

“We may have lost the battle, but we are going to win the war,” Elder told supporters, urging them to take heart that they had drawn attention to key issues like public school choice. Notably, he stopped short of congratulating Newsom himself.

1 posted on 9/15/2021, 7:50:34 AM by ChicagoConservative27

To: ChicagoConservative27
The 68% vote for Newsom can mostly be attributed to Democrats, right?
Yet the Democrats on the ballot got less than 15% of the vote. That stinks like hell.
5 posted on 9/15/2021, 7:55:10 AM by MercyFlush (The American Revolution was a violent revolt against a dictatorship. )
And then…
To: ChicagoConservative27
I guess every loss is ‘fraud’ now. Pretty good coping mechanism for some it seems.
8 posted on 9/15/2021, 7:56:12 AM by Catfan15
A swift response to Catfan15s  “No Fraud” heresy :
To: Catfan15
Thanks for outing yourself troll.
Now slither back to the democrat underground sewer where you belong.
73 posted on 9/15/2021, 8:38:10 AM by 2CAVTrooper (One Nation, Under Fraud Completely Visible, With Spying and Lying Too All.)
“Sue her? I haven’t even met her!
To: unread
it’s really because we’ve turned from GOD.
68 posted on 9/15/2021, 8:32:12 AM by spacejunkie2001
….or vice versa….
To: AmericanInTokyo
Watch out, you’ll get calls to get banned if you question the idea that democrats always win by fraud every time.
78 posted on 9/15/2021, 8:41:10 AM by Catfan15
To: Catfan15
I have not been banned in over 21 years on this site. I won’t be banned over a simple statement requesting people to provide specific evidence, ie. to put up or shut up.
81 posted on 9/15/2021, 8:42:17 AM by AmericanInTokyo (Used to think Dan Quayle was a weenie. Turns out he had the biggest cajones in the room last January)
To: AmericanInTokyo
Then you’re just like the libs who suppress the evidence. Ever heard of the term “discovery”?
84 posted on 9/15/2021, 8:45:19 AM by Olog-hai (“No Republican, no matter how liberal, is going to woo a Democratic vote.” — Ronald Reagan, 1960)
Ever heard of the term “nutjob”?
Well, you certainly got your money’s worth on this “Obsession”.
I’ve got a Doctor’s appointment this morning, so I’m wrapping it up now.
At least I don’t have to get stapled up, like some people I know.
I kid – I kid. Don’t beat me, chie – er, Boss!



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  1. “I am a Californian and our church actually had a collection of ballots Sunday and was driving them straight to the Registar of Voters office today!!!!”

    Isn’t that the “ballot harvesting” they’re always denouncing?

    1. Funny, but true. Currently, the death toll in Florida exceeds the Republican edge in votes over Democrat votes for the last election.
      I love it when a plan comes together.

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