Election Night, Eh

I love watching election returns. I’ve been watching the CBC’s Canadian election returns on CSPAN since 1993. That was an excellent year for the Canadian Liberal party as it won in a landslide. Last night was more of a humdrum affair as very little changed once the votes were counted and the races called.

It’s time for an early musical interlude:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called a snap election hoping to win a majority. Apparently, his campaign wasn’t snappy enough as the Liberals only gained 3 seats and narrowly lost the popular vote again to the Conservative party. Not to worry: parties of the left and center-left received approximately 60% of the vote.

Canadians were cranky about having an election during the pandemic. It looked for a time that the Liberals’ support might crater but it didn’t. Good deal, eh.

Trudeau is the handsome son of Canada’s greatest Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. The son has a lot to live up to, but has much better hair than his pere.

The CBC’s election night coverage is excellent, eh. They have fancy graphics and say “aboot” a lot. That’s how Canadians pronounce “about” not a footwear reference. Those aboots are not made for walking…

Canada is quietly quirky in its nomenclature. They call their parliamentary districts ridings. That always evokes images of this guy:

Justin Trudeau is no Dudley Do-Right but at least he’s no Snidely Whiplash. Snidely is currently living in Mar-a-Dorn under an assumed name: the Kaiser of Chaos.

Canadian politics seems nicer than American politics but that’s only on the surface. There are regional differences as well as linguistic ones. My favorite moment of every Canadian election is when the leaders speak in both English and French except for the Bloc Quebecois guy; to do otherwise would make him a francophony…

There’s a Trumpy right wing populist party, the People’s Party of Canada or PPC. Their leader is a French guy named Maxime Bernier. I’m not sure if he wants to be LePen or Laval but last night he was a big loser. He lost his seat and the PPC was shut-out. I guess Canadians prefer that their leaders mask-up, eh.

I know a lot more about British than Canadian politics. But I love to watch election results and the CBC is as adept at it as the BBC, eh. They do the MacKenzie Brothers proud, eh. I really should stop saying eh but it’s a fun word to type, eh.

That concludes the first post written on my brand new computer. The last word goes to The Guess Who with a song that sounds socialistic to me, eh.