It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference

Cocktail Hour Todd Darryl

This week’s song has followed me around all week. It’s one of the most persistent earworms, I’ve ever had. All I can do is surrender and post it.

Todd Rundgren wrote It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference in 1972 for the Something/Anything? album. It was his peak pop period and he was churning out songs at a rapid pace. This is one of the best of the bunch.

We begin with the studio original.

Next up a Bossa Nova version from the With A Twist album:

Here are Todd and Daryl Hall live from Todd’s Hawaiian digs:

Finally, a swell cover by Alison Krause:

That’s it for this week. Pour yourself a drink and toast the end of the week. It’s what Bogie, Betty, and Frank would want. Never argue with them.