Where’s The BIF?

BIF is short for Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. It was passed by the Senate what seems like years ago. It was paired with the RIF aka the Reconciliation Infrastructure Bill.

The two bills are the subject of intense negotiations between the vast majority of Democrats, two errant senators and a dozen congresscritters. Despite the prominence of the House Progressive Caucus, it’s not liberals versus moderates except to the lazy MSM. For example, Dianne Feinstein, Tom Carper, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders all support both the BIF and the RIF. Kudos to Bernie for his leadership on the RIF.

I think both the BIF and the RIF are important. As much as some House members deride the former, our hard infrastructure is a fucking mess. Look around and you’ll see wobbly bridges, crumbling roads, and ancient sewerage systems such as in New Orleans. The country needs both bills even if Willard Mittbot Romney and Double Bill Cassidy groove on the BIF.

The RIF is dearer to the hearts of most Democrats than the BIF. Here’s why: it addresses the sort of human infrastructure and climate issues that have been on the back burner since 1980. Perhaps I should acronymize them as HIF and CIF. I personally think we should prioritize them all be it the BIF, RIF, HIF, or CIF.

I’ve been very impressed with Pramila Jayapal’s leadership of the House Progressive Caucus. While we’re at it, let’s give them an acronym: HPC.

Ms. Jayapal has refused to roll over and let the miniscule band of moderates win the day. She reminds me, I daresay, of Nancy Pelosi who privately is apt to agree with the leader of the HPC. People sometimes forget that Nancy Smash represents one of the most liberal districts in the country. She compromises because she believes in getting shit done.

Repeat after me: it’s not liberals versus moderates except to the lazy MSM.

I disagree with those who think any delay in the process is a disaster. Getting two good bills is more important than passing the BIF today. A reminder that this is President Biden’s agenda and the HPC are in his corner. It’s a far cry from 2010 when Team Obama was vexed with the left of the party. It helps having Ron Klain as White House Chief of Staff instead of Rahm Emanuel.

The MSM, of course, thinks this is a game hence the post title and featured image. It’s not: the future of the country is at stake. If the bills fail, there will be a Speaker KMac in the next Congress. Do we want that mook and McConnell in charge of Congress? Failure could make 2022 the 1994 of 21st Century off-year elections. Hmm, The Mook & McConnell sounds like a 1980’s network teevee show.

I’m writing this in the morning so I could turn out to be wrong about the fate of the BIF and RIF. Expect an update at the bottom of the post if there are any major developments.

Hopefully, we’ll have a happy ending, so we won’t be obliged to pose the eternal question: Where’s The BIF?

I tried to find a song with beef in the title but they’re all hip-hop numbers using the word as a synonym for argue or fight. But I found a swell song with riff in the title. The last word goes to the Nat King Cole Trio