Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with Random Ruminations – “That’s a sweet burnstein” edition

From a long time ago –

I was going through My Documents and found this ode to a long-forgotten Free Republic poster Kevin Krepko, done to the tune of “Officer Krupke” from West Side Story (back when Republicans HATED Russians).


Deeeeeear Kindly Kevin Krepko

Give me a fuckin break;

Right-wingers are a nuisance;

And always on the take;

They’re screaming “communism”

But don’t know what it means;

Leapin lizards, you got crummy genes!


(You got genes, you got genes, you got crummy genes,

You’re a dummy from your crummy genes!)


Deeeeeear Kindly Komrade Krepko;

I’ll tell you once again

That ACORN quit existing

In two thousand and ten

If you can’t understand that;

You’re just a fucking hack;

I have reas’ning powers that you lack!


(you’re a hack, you’re a hack, you’re a fuck-ing hack

reas’ning power’s what you surely lack!)


Deeeeeear crazy Pubbie Krepko;

You must clean out your head

You fret about “the other”

And commies under your bed

With Glen Beck and Dead Breitbart

You don’t know what to think;

Cognitively challenged, you just stink!



(He don’t know, he don’t know. Cause they told him so;

Cog-nitively challenged, you just stink!)

The problem is he’s greedy!

The problem is he’s sick!

The problem is he’s heartless!

The problem is his prick!

The problem is Rush Limbaugh!

The problem is Ron Paul!

Jeepers – they’ve made suckers of you all!

(slow chorus)
Dear wingnut Kev Krepko

Don’t jack with me please;

You’re proof that some have never

Come down from the trees!

At a rolling doughnut

Take a flying screw –

Gee, wingnut Kev Krepko –

Krep You!


Here’s the original in case you want to do a sing-along :