Malaka Of The Week: Lena Ruseva

Convicted felon Bernie Kerik with MAGA artist Lena Ruseva.

Little known fact about me:  I was an art history minor as an undergrad. I know what you’re thinking: how practical. It’s come in quite handy over the years.  I learned to tell the difference between good art and kitschy crap. All the MAGA art I’ve seen fits into the kitschy-n-crappy category. And that is why Lena Ruseva is malaka of the week.

I was blissfully ignorant of Ms. Ruseva’s existence until TPM’s Josh Kovensky wrote a piece about this exhibit:

Notice something odd about this MAGA art exhibit? There was an admission charge. Usually when an unknown artist has an exhibit, it’s not only free but a gallery sponsors it hoping to make money on sales.

Malaka Ruseva lives up to her Parallel Universe shtick by not posting the location on the event poster. It was eventually staged at the Metropolitan Republican Club. I neither know nor want to know its address.

The featured image features Bernie Kerik, Ruseva, and a painting that depicts Trump as Jehovah running Adam/Joe and Eve/Kamala out of paradise. Who knew that the White House was paradise? Harry Truman used to call it “the crown jewel in the federal prison system.”

Convicted felon and Giuliani lackey Bernie Kerik believes there’s a plot against Ruseva’s art:

He said that he came to support Ruseva because he believed that New York City’s art galleries had unfairly cancelled her. She “shouldn’t have gone to three or four different venues, she shouldn’t have been thrown out of different venues because of her opinions, because of her art,” Kerik told the crowd, according to a clip posted on YouTube.

Allow me to hazard a guess as to what really happened: She was “thrown out” because her art is rotten. I would say that Ruseva’s art is on the same level as those who paint velvet Elvi or dogs playing cards, but I don’t want to hurt their feelings. I don’t mind hurting Malaka Ruseva’s feelings since she’s either a demented Trumper or a con artist.

Kerik wasn’t the only Willard Hotel coup plotter at the Parallel Universe exhibit. Boris Epshteyn was there as well:

What is it with Russian emigres and former President* Pennywise? I realize that Russians like strong men, but Trump only plays one on television. In real life, he’s a pussy. He should grab himself.

Before boarding the Trump Crazy Train, Malaka Ruseva specialized in animals smoking cigars. I am not making this up. Here’s an example of what she calls her smoking beasts collection:

A fellow member of the lunatic fringe tweeted a compendium of Ruseva’s Trump collection:

She missed one of the weirdest Trump images:

Where’s the teevee and the smart phone? I don’t think the Kaiser of Chaos meditates. It takes focus and concentration, qualities he lacks.

Malaka Ruseva’s oeuvre isn’t without wit:

I bet that’s going to turn up on a few Trumper Christmas cards. It’s like Bad Santa all over again. I’d take Billy Bob Thornton over the Kaiser of Chaos any day.

If you’re like me and can’t get enough unintentional comedy. click here. I laughed, I cried, I nearly hurled.

Lena Ruseva fancies herself as a MAGA renaissance woman: painter, buxom blonde biker chick, interior designer, cigar aficionado. It’s unclear if her Trumpism is a marketing ploy or based on sincerely held beliefs. She’s clearly the maker of bad art celebrating a bad man with bad taste. And that is why Lena Ruseva is malaka of the week.

The last word goes to Asia:

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  1. I noted the other day the latest from the McNaughton “artist” hits all the high-points: exurban wasteland, flag, guns, Teddy and Abe, George and John, Uncle Ronnie and I’m not sure who (maybe Hamilton) but what caught my attention, stands right out, not quite sure what it’s supposed to represent but with Drumpf uck standing on the head of the Gadsden snake

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