Wrong Again, Oh ‘Reasoned One’

I can’t cover what happened yesterday at the Supreme Kangaroo Court any better than Cassandra did here. So, I’ll just ask a few questions to the Reasoned Very Serious People, the ones who have been telling us the following over the last five years:

– Trump can’t possibly get the nomination.

– America would never elect someone like Trump.

– McConnell can’t block a Supreme Court nomination

– Trump will have to change, the office demands it.

– He’ll have people around him to control him.

– Tonight, Trump became presidential (multiple, multiple times)

– The Mueller Report will save us.

– The system will keep Trump in check.

– Relax, Kavanaugh won’t reverse Roe (oh, Susan Collins…how your brow must be hurting from all that furrowing yesterday to your state of being VERY CONCERNED).

– Relax, Barrett won’t overturn Roe (how so many smart people are this naive I’ll never understand).

– Trump will just disappear after he loses.

– The GOP will go back to what it was after Trump leaves.

– Trump supporters won’t turn violent, that’s demonizing the other side.

– Republicans aren’t going to gut voting rights (Curiously Skeletor-ish Overly Celebrated Political Pundit James Carville expressing on CNN his shock that GOPers are going after voting rights is evidence enough his time has past).

And so on and so on. I likely missed a bunch. But anyway, my questions: Do you ever think about how often you’ve been wrong? Do you ever consider that you’ve totally misread the last five years politically? And then, perhaps, not be so quick to dismiss those so-called “hysterical people?” Because yesterday, when those of you who were telling us that Roe would never be reversed by this Supreme Court, is another example of being wrong. All those examples I gave above are part of the same line of thinking, and it’s not good because we need everyone who is at least somewhat decent to understand what is happening right now.

I know that many of you have come around. Jonathan Karl, author of the Trump book “Betrayal,” expressed shock in his book at how horrible Trump was in his final year in office, as if he saw a dog in his house for the first time when it was barking despite it having been the family pet for five years. Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post was an early adopter of our current political reality and has done some wonderful writing about the last five years.

But some of you actually haven’t yet (!), including apparently those who hold positions of advisement to politicians. That’s the only thing that I can figure that explains why we don’t see more people in the Democratic political body with their hair on fire about what’s going on.

Anyway, I know it’s hard to admit that those annoying “over-the-top” progressives (and, well, democracy experts) were right, and your “Reasoned Person” persona is repeatedly making you look like someone who chastises people for overreacting because they are running and hiding during an active shooter situation. In response, you can once again react to being wrong by complaining about how people are shutting down your opinion and you can then go pout on Twitter.

But it would be better if you joined us in the current reality.

The last word goes to the wonderful Philly-based band The War on Drugs, who expresses what a lot of us feel right now and urges the others to “come around to the new way or watch as it all breaks down.”

2 thoughts on “Wrong Again, Oh ‘Reasoned One’

  1. Unfortunately, we didn’t believe Karl Rove (i believe) who told us – with respect to the Iraq War, that “they were creating their own reality,” which they have, but it looks a lot like Goebbel’s reality AKA The Big Lie.

    1. Yes, that’s very true. Same thing with what Bannon said about flooding the zone with shit, and another thing he said that doesn’t get near as much attention: Many Americans are apathetic and will get mad about something but then eventually check out, so that’s something to be taken advantage of.

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