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I wrote a post about Christmas Movies 7 years ago to this date. I decided it was time to follow up with a new top ten list.

This 2014 introduction still works in 2021:

I’m not big on Christmas. Dr. A adores it and loves to decorate. We’ve learned to respect one another’s divergent views on the holiday. She also bakes swell cookies and I have a lethal fondness for eggnog spiked with whiskey, brandy, or rum. So, it’s growing on me.

After that ambivalent introduction, you’re probably wondering why I’m writing about Christmas movies. For one thing, I’m a film buff, especially when it comes to old movies. For another, the politics of the day are a major buzz kill, so I’d rather write about movies than Dick Cheney’s latest insane rantings about torture.

That last sentence doesn’t quite hold up. The politics of the day remain a buzz kill but the Cheney in the news now is Dick’s daughter Liz and she’s fighting the good fight to preserve our democracy. Truth remains stranger than fiction.

I’m calling the 2021 version, Holiday Movies because it includes films that are set during the holidays but are about other things. No, Virginia, I still don’t consider Die Hard a holiday movie.

My Top Ten Favorite Holiday Movies

  1.     Bad Santa
  2.     Christmas In Connecticut
  3.     The Shop Around The Corner
  4.     It’s A Wonderful Life
  5.     Remember The Night
  6.     Holiday Affair
  7.     Elf
  8.    The Man Who Invented Christmas
  9.    A Christmas Story
  10.    Miracle On 34th Street 1947

In looking at the old posters, I was struck by how Christmas was de-emphasized. In the poster for Miracle On 34th Street, Edmund Gwenn is not in his Santa Suit and that’s the whole point of the movie.

Christmas movies were considered box office poison before World War II, so you can look at the poster for Remember The Night and have no idea that it’s set during the holidays. FYI, it’s not a prequel to Double Indemnity, it’s a Preston Sturges dramadey.

I originally assembled a list of 17 or 18 movies but decided to edit myself for a change. Something I won’t do with The Best of Adrastos 2021, which will land in your stocking like a lump of coal on Christmas morning. I expect cookies when I come down the chimney, y’all.

The last word consists of two original Christmas songs by Barenaked Ladies followed by Chris Isaak:

9 thoughts on “Holiday Movies

  1. Okay, I’ll be the cynical old sourpuss (talk about being cast against type!) and put in a good word for “The Ref.”

  2. Wait a minute, no Hanukah movies? Why that’s…understandable since if you exclude Adam Sandler (and who doesn’t) there are no Hanukah movies. Unless of course you don’t count…..

  3. “Edmund Gwenn is not in his Santa Suit”
    According to lore when he was on his death bed with eyes closed a friend visiting commented on how hard it must be for him.
    Upon which he opened his eyes and stated “Comedy was hard this was easier”
    I may not be 100% accurate on the response but the part of Comedy being hard I am sure of.

  4. Needz to have the “Star Wars Christmas Special” on it’s own SPECIAL list.

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