This is Fine

People sure did have a great holiday season this year, huh? Lots of Christmas parties and New Year’s parties. Tons of people at airports. And now tons of new Covid cases. A few weeks ago I wrote about America’s approach to the pandemic:  magical thinking. This week magical thinkers are learning that magic isn’t real.

I’m not going to join the chorus of people beating up the CDC. See, the CDC treated us all like adults last year. We had clear guidelines–for a quickly unfolding pandemic featuring a virus that science had never seen before–about how to reduce our own personal risk, and how to keep vulnerable people safe. And a chunk of Americans told the rest of us to fuck off by refusing to wear masks, to stay home whenever possible, to curtail social gatherings, to get vaccinated, to get tested, and to be responsible. You can’t reason with toddlers.

And because red-voting areas were being hit the hardest, Republican politicians suddenly discovered that their “let it rip” policies had a steep price that was only known months later, namely that Covid is now killing red county voters at much higher rates than it is killing blue county voters.

TFG did an interview admitting he was vaxxed and boosted, and he got booed. You hate to see it. I guess the grifting monies must be drying up. Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, reaped what he had sown and found it wanting, and then asked the Biden administration for help:

Personally, I’m exhausted with dealing with so many toddlers—and I don’t even have any children.

We’re supposed to go on vacation next week. I am a little worried about the plane ride, but I have N95 masks and once we get to our destination we can eat all of our meals outside, and be outside all the time, and be able to stay away from large crowds. Fingers crossed because omicron caused us to cancel our Christmas travel plans. Don’t play with fire.