We Don’t Talk About Doocy

Unlike Encanto’s Bruno, he doesn’t make accurate prophesies that cause people to fear him, but you still may be familiar with the work of Peter Doocy, the spring-loaded punching bag FOX reporter for Jen Psaki’s press conferences. Every day he shows up, perky and sprightly, to get repeatedly punched in the face, and he smiles blankly and returns over and over. If you are unfamiliar with this dynamic, here’s a half hour compilation (I wasn’t kidding when I said it was a regular thing):

On Monday Joe Biden had his turn with Doocy, and it was great:

And far from backing down from it, the White House made sure that it was included in the official transcript of the president’s address:

The usual suspects in my political forum, all of whom have embraced the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon”, were apoplectic that some of us thought Biden’s response was hysterical. Then Biden pushed them off their moral high ground by calling Doocy and apologizing to him. He was on Hannity talking about it Monday night:

The best thing about this clip is how happy Doocy is. Hannity keeps trying to get him say it wasn’t a real apology and all Doocy can do is smile as he basks in the glow of a presidential phone. I really like how hard Hannity was trying to harsh his mellow and how he was having none of it, because, you know—THE PRESIDENT CALLED HIM! WOOHOO!

Now will this mean that Doocy will stop being a stupid SOB? Of course not. Doocy has been the same idiot for years, and the annoyance with him is bipartisan:

Doocyitis isn’t just confined to FOX propagandists (alas). Virginians are finding out what the Glenn Youngkin administration is all about, and the Youngkin administration is finding out that it’s not easy being mean. Allow me to summarize:  “Elect a clown; expect a circus.”

Youngkin ran on rolling back mask mandates and signed an executive order quoting a VA law that…clarified an issue before the state Supreme Court about sperm donors. (This is why you should pay for a Westlaw subscription instead of relying on Google.) Also the EO ran into a small snag because the VA legislature passed a mask law last year and governors cannot issue order that contradict state laws.

Oh and Youngkin’s “Help! Help! I’m Being Oppressed/Sounds About White” hotline is up and running, and it’s suffering the same fate as the Kellogg hiring portal during the recent strike and the Texas abortion tip line. Governor Fleece Vest is about to find out how difficult it is for a right winger to be governor of a purple state. I can’t wait.

Since I gave some of you an ear worm, here it is:

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  1. Biden is highly experienced in the history and traditions of the Senate, so he should have just followed the example of a prior highly esteemed President Of The Senate, and just said:

    “Go Fuck Yourself”

  2. I don’t remember all this media outrage when Bush and Cheney called a reporter a “major league asshole from the New York Times”.

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