We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore

No, I’m not a Twisted Sister fan. But I did see the news story about Ukrainians taking up their song “We’re Not Going To Take It” as a battle anthem. What is even better is that Dee Snider, whose grandfather was Ukrainian, endorsed their use of it while denying its use by the US trucker convoys:

I have been really intrigued by the worldwide response to the invasion of Ukraine. The invasion itself is terrible enough, but I think there’s more at work than shock and anger. Obviously at the base there is horror and sorrow and anger at what Putin did and continues to do. I’m furious about the death and the suffering and the sheer indifference Putin has to both of those things.

I’m also someone who is inclined to follow the rules (ok, sorta), and the sheer moral indefensibility of what Putin is doing just puts me on tilt. I know I’m not alone. Almost all the people at the politics message board I frequent—or at least the ones who are posting—feel the same way.

And of course people around the world have celebrated the many Ukrainian everyday heroes. Their triumphs, large and small, give me hope in their underdog quest. But I realized the other day that my interest in their defiant responses is my own proxy war against the bullies and tyrants in American society.

For the last 7 years the TFG and his bigoted, traitorous agenda have beat up the majority of us. He abused the US people for 4 years as president, and now his acolytes are continuing to push an agenda meant to hurt anyone who is not a rich, straight, white, Christian man. The people pushing this agenda are also Putin supporters—of course. And many of us face life or death consequences from GOP policies.

As recently as 2 weeks ago, as the horrifying prospect of war moved ever closer, Republican politicians effusively praised Putin, and even after the intensification and the war crimes we have all seen, they still refuse to criticize Putin.

Of course they’re not allowed to criticize Putin until TFG gives them permission to do so, and honestly who knows if that that day will ever come? It seems that people like TFG and Putin can do some pretty terrible things and then always walk away from all of the repercussions.

But now I am starting to hope that things might be different. The world has cut Russia, and Putin and his fellow oligarchs, out of the global financial system. With no access to their money, you have to wonder how that will affect the coffers of the RNC and of individual Republican politicians up for reelection this November.

And wonder of wonders, a Democratic Senate candidate has actually made an ad calling out his opponent’s strange love for Russia:

So maybe there is hope that as this terrible war winds on, the damage it does to Putin will also touch the political careers of his American disciples, and maybe all the people will win in the end.

You already knew this was going to be the outro: