Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with random ruminations – “Ship him off” edition

OK – I’ve mentioned before that I did a stint in Allen Military Academy, but not how I got there. Let me go back a little –

High School bored me. I read through all of my schoolbooks the first week or so, and just wanted to be out of there. I wasn’t concerned with taking tests – just wanted to be home where I could read my sci-fi and history books. My parents were alarmed at my lack of interest and my lagging grade scores. I had an institutionalized half-brother due to my Mom’s experience with German Measles before she had him, so I imagine that part of my parents’ concern was due to worrying that I was also (albeit slightly) retarded.

A visit with the school counselor produced no results, so he advised my folks to have an IQ test administered.

The results were 158.
They thought there had to have been some kind of mistake, and had me tested again.


My Dad was a 28-year Navy man, so his answer to my reluctance to perform was to ship me off to military school, which would certainly whip me into shape.

There were at that time, 10 “Honor Academies” in the U.S.
The Army sent high-ranking commanders to evaluate and rate them. And guess what?

One of them was right there in Texas, in Bryan.  Allen Military Academy.

Off I went.

I don’t think they or I were prepared for the horrorshow to come.

I’ll pick this one up next week.



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  1. “I’ll pick this one up next week.”

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