Eyes Wide Shut

You may remember North Carolina Congress critter Madison Cawthorn as the loser who put visiting Hitler’s vacation home on his bucket list, or the loser who lied about being accepted to the Naval Academy and how he became paralyzed. Perhaps you remember he is such a loser that he got set up with a Russian honeypot bride.

Or maybe you remember him as the loser who participated in the seditious insurrection of 1/6, which may cost him his eligibility to stand for reelection. Maybe you remember him as the loser who called Volodymyr Zelensky a “thug”.

Cawthorn’s back in the news because he’s decided to spill the beans about the truth of the national political class in the US:  as it turns out, in his experience, “House of Cards” was a documentary about how far the rot goes. He went on to say that he’s seen Republican legislators doing cocaine and that he’s been invited to GOP orgies.

The party that spent last week trying to convince America that Ketanji Brown Jackson is a friend of pedophiles now has to defend itself against accusations coming from within, and from one of its rising stars. The GOP is caught in a real bind here. The last thing the party needs is a long, drawn out internal investigation that ends up further spreading Cawthorn’s comments. But he’s got to be reined in so he doesn’t keep saying stuff like this.

This is risky because the GOP’s second problem is that Cawthorn doesn’t owe the GOP anything, but they owe him bigly, so it’s unlikely they will discipline him in any meaningful way. Cawthorn is a habitual liar, which makes it even better, and he’s unlikely to take any censure in silence.

Who would have thought that cultivating unhinged loonies like Cawthorn would come back to bite the GOP in the ass?  You hate to see it.

This is one of my favorite scenes ever from “Northern Exposure”, and it’s spot on for this post: