Saturday Odds & Sods: Not One Of Us

Masks by James Ensor.

I got my second booster shot this week. It knocked me on my ass in stages. Oddly enough, the jabbed arm didn’t hurt until the day after. Oh well, what the hell. That’s what it hurt like, hell.

I hadn’t planned to do a Peter Gabriel month but why the hell not? I’ve been listening to PG for most of my life so there’s a backlog of songs to fall back on.

I’m going back to the PG III/Melt well for this week’s theme song. Peter Gabriel wrote it in 1980 for that very album. My Republican Freak Show post inspired me to go there as did the James Ensor featured image.

We have two versions of Not One Of Us for your listening pleasure: the studio original and PG live circa 1982.

Since I’m still a bit woozy from the jab and wheezy from my pollen allergy, I’m going to keep this short. Famous last words, I know. I mean it this time.

We begin our second act with a segment about sports hate in the wake of the Final Four, which was staged here in New Orleans. I did not partake in any of the festivities, but I did watch the Duke-UNC game as well as the second half of the championship game. Nobody expected the Tar Heels to make the big dance in Hubert Davis’ first year, so their fans weren’t distraught by losing to Kansas. Besides, they beat the Duke Blue Devils and Coach K.

Sports Hating Coach K: One of the most disliked sports figures of my lifetime is Duke head basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski or Coach Buy-a-Vowel as I like to call him. I’m not a fan either but I reserve my sports hate for the Dodgers. Duke may make me puke, but I don’t spend a lot of time hating on them.

It was Coach Buy-a-Vowel’s final game and he lost, which thrilled everyone but Duke alumni, professional assholes, and tobacco heirs.

We have articles by three writers who have turned hating Coach K into an art form:

Drew Magary

Tom Scocca

Will Blythe

That concludes this abbreviated second act. The last word of the segment is dedicated to Coach K. It goes to the Grateful Dead followed by Dave Alvin:

I might as well add a venerable Beatles tune:

We begin our third act with our favorite stolen feature.

Separated At Birth Casting Edition: I’ve had Game Change on my mind since the unwelcome return of Sarah Palin to the arena. This week we feature Sarah Paulson and the woman she played, Nicolle Wallace.

Palin tormented Wallace who eventually landed a gig as an MSNBC host. She’s currently tormenting me by having Charlie Sykes and Claire McCaskill as frequent guests. Remember when Claire Mac was a mealy-mouthed moderate senator. She’s now a shrill take-no-prisoners pundit. Oy just oy.

The Movie List: I’ve had several close calls in writing a Glenn Close list. It was close but no cigar until today.

Since Glenn Close has done two great teevee series, the Spike Lee joint rule applies.

My Top Ten Favorite Glenn Close Joints

  1.    Cookie’s Fortune
  2.    The World According To Garp
  3.    Jagged Edge
  4.    Dangerous Liaisons
  5.    Damages  
  6.    Paradise Road
  7.    The Big Chill
  8.    The Paper
  9.    The Shield, season 4.
  10.    Fatal Attraction

FYI, I’ve never seen the Sarah Plain and Tall teevee movies. I hear they’re excellent but they’re so not my cup of tea.

The last word of the segment goes to Blondie with a song featured on the very first episode of Close’s great lawyer show, Damages.

The Best Of Johnny: It’s time to feature the man himself instead of one of his guests. Heeere’s Johnny.

It’s time to saddle up and close things out with the GIFs that keep on giving.

Saturday GIF Horse: Peter Gabriel month rides the GIF Horse. A good time was had by all.

I suppose I should post that video:

That’s all for this week. The last word goes to Peter Gabriel onstage during Genesis’ Foxtrot tour: