Ryne Hancock: Happy Now, 2016 Protest Voters?

“The people who cry the most are responsible for those tears.”

Those words that were uttered by my friend Dee last autumn have found their way once again in a column for the website that you are reading now.

Remember when that mean old email lady told you that the Supreme Court and the lives of millions was on the line? That she was basically the only thing standing between you and a shitshow?

Remember that?

You couldn’t bring yourself to vote for the email lady. To you, she was the Antichrist. She was a corporate shill that catered to Wall Street, something that couldn’t be said about your Lord and Savior Bernie the Drunk Uncle or Dr. Jill Stein, who I unfortunately met at a conference years ago and thought she was missing a few screws.

So, when the former occupant in the White House won, you shed tears. You didn’t think that your inaction or even your third-party or write-in vote would cause this. You thought that you were voting your conscience when in reality you weren’t.

If anything, your tears, and your self-righteousness in 2016 allowed this to happen, some of which you’re probably shedding right now because this overturn is going to affect you (looking at you, Brie Brie Joy).

You’re also responsible for the tears that my women friends have to shed because of the overturn of Roe vs. Wade. They’re not only shedding tears for themselves, but future generations of women that include my nieces Olivia and Harper in Broadmoor, my friend Beverly’s granddaughters and great-granddaughters as well as my cousin Mattie in Brentwood, Tennessee.

That’s what your self-righteousness caused.

I hope your protest vote six years ago was worth it.

One thought on “Ryne Hancock: Happy Now, 2016 Protest Voters?

  1. A-freakin-men. I am so angry at these self-righteous people right now, I am spitting nails. And I saw stupid Susan Sarandon spouting off on Twitter in response to Eric Swalwell about this. I’m surprised I didn’t get banhammered for my response.

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