Triumph Of The Swill

OK, so the assholes went ahead and did it—they killed a woman’s right to autonomy over her own body.  We all knew it was coming, but it still really hurts. I have SO MANY THOUGHTS about this.

To start: I don’t care who leaked it. It’s completely immaterial to the actual content.

I’m angry with all of the Democrats and independents who felt it was more important over the last 20 years to support artisanal third party candidates to protest that their individual niche issues were not being put front and center by the Democratic Party. Sitting out elections yielded Bush, Bush 2 and their attendant justices. The culmination of this petulant behavior was the election of Donald Trump who put THREE right wingers on the Supreme Court and got us to where we are today. You couldn’t bring yourself to vote for The Email Lady, so you let Casino Mussolini take over.

And why not? You got yours, right? Unless you are going to put in some serious work to right this wrong, no one needs to hear from you on this. Ever. I’d also like to make a special FORK YOU shout out to the people who are insistent that they are “neutral” on abortion but consistently vote for anti-choice candidates. You built this. Now sit down and shut up.

I know that our society doesn’t value women. We don’t have equal pay for equal work. We don’t have a constitutional amendment guaranteeing our equality. The Former Guy abused and assaulted and mocked women and a good chunk of the country loved it. It is a complete gut punch not to even be consulted when one of your most sacrosanct rights is taken from you not for any legal reason but simply out of hate.

Right now I think that the worst thing is part of what Our Fearless Leader wrote yesterday about the tone of the opinion:  “The Alito opinion is sneering, sarcastic, and triumphalist.” It feels extra degrading to lose your body autonomy because of a juvenile, intellectually lazy, lying troll who is gleefully sticking knives in wherever he thinks it will hurt the most because he’s a broken white man.

In his joke of an opinion Alito says that “an unbroken tradition of prohibiting abortion on pain of criminal punishment persisted from the earliest days of the common law until 1973.” This is a lie. I can’t even say it’s just untrue because it is literally a lie. The first laws prohibiting abortion began in the early 19th century, and abortion until “quickening” was legal until 1860. This asshole thinks so little of women and what he is doing to them that he just makes stuff up to fill space in the brief.

The truly disheartening thing is that this is a start, not an end. Lots of things aren’t mentioned in the Constitution and the radical right wingers are going after all of them:  marriage equality, birth control, interracial marriage, etc. This is a group fight, just like it was during the election of 2020. All of us need to do something:  contribute money, attend a demonstration, call or text voters, write postcards, etc. The Democrats can’t do anything with their anemic Senate caucus.

Vent, for sure. But then get to work. A radical white supremacist faction is running the GOP. This fight is our collective responsibility.

Here’s a song for the pathetic lying losers on the Supreme Court:

2 thoughts on “Triumph Of The Swill

  1. Thank you the shout out and not calling them conservatives. Both of us know true conservatives and Alito isn’t one of them.

    Also, great title.

  2. Getting folks into voting (either vote by mail or into the voting booths) for solidly good candidates is probably the best approach, at least if there is a better one, no one is talking about it loudly enough over the media noise.

    You listed some of the recent gains for groups that are again being threatened. These gains are not being treated as civil rights but are treated as political rewards granted or removed at the whims of the ruling party and their “judges” on the courts. And that is the problem, because the right wing radicals are working on that too, making sure that after these groups are marginalized, the groups will not be able to fight back at the ballot box. Your “right” to vote is being taken away, because it never was a right from the start. Those amendments do not explicitly give you what people think they can take for granted. Try this: grab a copy of the US Constitution and read the amendments, starting with the 15th, and continue on, keeping in mind how the USSC recently gutted the 1965 Voting Right Act.

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