Going Schmitty

Steve Schmidt was played by Woody Harrelson in Game Change. That HBO movie tells the story of the 2008 McCain for president campaign. Schmidt was McCain’s chief strategist. He later became one of the founders of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project. He’s addicted to Twitter. He seems to have done nothing but tweet invective for the past few days.

Mind you, Schmidt has an enviable gift for invective; call it Going Schmitty. This tweet about the dangerous doofus from Alaska is a minor masterpiece:

It’s cute that a woman whose name rhymes with sewer thinks that Sarah Palin knows the difference between the truth and a lie.

Much of Schmidt’s extended Twitter tirade involves his anger over taking the fall for McCain’s selection of the buffoonish grifter from Alaska. His ire is aimed squarely at two-time malaka of the week, Meghan McCain:

See what I mean by Going Schmitty? It’s not quite a public meltdown but it’s akin to one. One could even say that Schmidt lost his shit.

Schmitty has been a busy boy. He started a Substack blog in order to confess in detail to lying by omission for John McCain in 2008, He helped Senator Walnuts swat down a story about an affair he had with a Washington lobbyist. I believed the story at the time: McCain had cheated on his first wife with his second wife, after all.

The cheating story died after furious denunciations by Team McCain. Why? The MSM adored John McCain and couldn’t face the complexity of a war hero who was capable of personal misconduct. Besides, the senator was the epitome of the candidate voters want to have a beer with. Who wants to have ice cream with Willard Mittbot Romney instead?

This is easily the most disturbing passage in Schmitty’s Substack piece:

“Senator John McCain turned a blind eye to the dealings of his top adviser, Rick Davis, who was making millions of dollars with his partner, Paul Manafort. Manafort was advancing the interests of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and across Eastern Europe. They worked for the Putin puppet Victor Yanukovych and Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. They advanced Russian interests from the Maidan to Montenegro. John McCain spent his 70th birthday with Oleg Deripaska and Rick Davis on a Russian yacht at anchor in Montenegro.” 

McCain’s dealings with Russian oligarchs are much worse than an affair. The media wasn’t covering post-Soviet sleaze in those days. There’s only one conclusion to be drawn from this information: John McCain was just another Republican hypocrite. He was rabidly anti-Putin in public while cozying up privately to Manafort’s pal Oleg Deripaska. I wonder if they drank beer or vodka…

Schmitty’s main ax to grind is with Meghan McCain who is the human equivalent of one of those yappy teacup dogs that rich ladies carry around with them.

This in many ways is the topper of Schmitty’s tirade:

Tell us what you really think, Schmitty.

I used to mix it up myself on the Tweeter Tube. I wasted a lot of time fighting with stupid and factually challenged strangers. I stopped many years ago, but I still enjoy watching others have at it. I was late to Schmitty’s tweet storm, but I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. It’s years of pent-up rage that exploded over the course of 4 or 5 days. That’s why I called this post Going Schmitty.

Back to Game Change. It was based on John Heilman and disgraced pundit Mark Halperin’s tell-all campaign book. Woody Harrelson was good as Schmitty, but my countryman Michael Chiklis would have been even better. I guess he was too busy kicking ass as Vic Mackey in The Shield when the movie was made.

Perhaps there’s a movie in the former GOPer’s Twitter tirade. The title could be a twist on the swell movie Jack Nicholson made in 2002 with Alexander Payne: About Schmitty. Nicholson spent part of About Schmidt writing “Dear Ndugu” letters to his African foster child.

I realize the analogy is inexact but picture Chiklis as Schmitty writing angry missives to Malaka Meghan. It’s a winner, especially if there’s a part for Walton Goggins:

How about Meghan McCain as Batshit Crazy Girl? It’s a winner, I tell ya.

My malaka of the week posts about Meghan McCain can be found here and here.

The last word goes to Steve Winwood and is dedicated to Malaka Meghan who Schmitty aptly described in a word: Bully.


3 thoughts on “Going Schmitty

  1. I enjoyed the Schmidt storm that was unleashed on Princess Dumbass of the Northwoods and “Do You Know Who My Father Is” McCain. But I note that the targets of Schmidt’s invective are on the outs with the powers that be in the Republican party. Folks should be careful not to draw any unwarranted conclusions about Schmidt’s political orientation just because his truth-telling came from an unexpected quarter.

    1. McCain is on the outs but Pailin is not. Trump endorsed her. Schmidt remains a never Trumper nothing more or less.

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