Malaka Of The Week: Meghan McCain

Even good people have terrible children. John and Cindy McCain were/are good people. Their daughter is a terrible person. And that is why Meghan McCain is malaka of the week.

McCain is a repeat offender having worn the malakatude crown of thorns on May 19, 2019. This opening bears repeating:

I haven’t given much thought to Meghan McCain over the years. I try not to aim my fire at the children of famous people. Besides, while she’s as annoying as hell, she’s not as interesting as she thinks she is. John McCain was glory, Meghan is reflected glory and I try not to kick down.

Her first walk down the malakatude runway was the result of Malaka Meghan telling Amy Klobuchar that she could not tell a story about John McCain. Senator Klobuchar was one of the senators McCain the elder considered a friend. He had many friends. One of them was Joe Biden.

Malaka Meghan may be 37 years old but she’s still a petulant child. Here’s the money quote from a piece she wrote this week:

I finally got Covid and it was so horrible it made me doubt if America will ever recover from this pandemic. It WILL but not with moronic Biden in charge

Is this how one speaks of a family friend?

Is this how one speaks of someone they know personally? I seem to recall that John McCain rarely engaged in name-calling and when he did, he apologized.

Maybe Malaka Meghan is under the spell of her wingnut husband Ben Domenech the owner of The Federalist. He’s a Trump fan. I seem to recall that she disliked former President* Pennywise for slurring her father. In fact, I started calling him the Insult Comedian because of this slur on Senator McCain:

“He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Back to McCain’s characterization of POTUS as moronic. I have a few questions for her:

Was Joe Biden a moron when he eulogized your father?

Was Joe Biden a moron when he appointed your mother Ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture?

Was Joe Biden a moron when he comforted you on teevee when your father was dying?

Here’s the proof. It starts at the ten second mark:

Meghan McCain is the terrible child of good people. And that is why she is malaka of the week.

Ray Charles gets the last word. Malaka Meghan should heed the advice offered in this song.