They Just Hate Women

I live in West Virginia. When I first moved here it was a poor state and backward, but it was run by Democrats. Joe Manchin was the governor and the statehouse was controlled by Democrats. Conservative Democrats to be sure, but Democrats nonetheless. Then TFG ran his white supremacist campaign in 2016 and West Virginians felt free to let their inner KKK out.

It is true that that same electorate elected 2 Democratic governors after Manchin although our current governor, Jim Justice, quickly went back to being a Republican once he realized he could gain TFG’s favor, so he did. It was a pretty irrelevant gesture because it’s not like Jim Justice gets any more or less intelligent, or honest, or decent depending on what political party he belongs to. He’s a stupid, selfish, lazy, nasty jerk.

Justice also really wanted to cut the state income tax by 10% because of a state budget surplus artificially inflated by unspent federal stimulus funds and high fossil fuel prices, but he picked a fight with the legislature during the last regular session and the state GOP refused to give him what he wanted. Yes, these are all adults. Technically.

Anyway, Justice is a rich jerk and he really wanted his own taxes cut. When the Dobbs decision was handed down by the Supreme Court, the awful GOP state legislature was salivating at the chance to pass a nightmarish anti-choice law, but they needed the governor to call a special session. So he called a special session for a tax cut and the first order of business was…the nightmarish anti-choice law.

At a press conference on Tuesday Justice was asked if the sudden placement of the anti-choice bill on the agenda was part of a horse trade. Insulted beyond belief that anyone could think that he wasn’t honest, Justice responded “You can’t possibly insult me any more.” He was put out because his oh so secret plan was outed immediately.

He’s going to be even more put out soon because once the anti-choice law is passed, that’s the end of this session. There’s no appetite among the WV GOP state delegation for his tax cut. Instead the radicals running the state want a bigger tax cut and, of course, raising the sales tax because what is better for a state full of really poor people than an additional, and unfair, tax on poor people, so my guess is that it’s dead in the water.

I don’t follow the state legislature that closely on a day-to-day basis. My current state reps aren’t interested in any policy I am interested in, and the current GOP state leadership is embarrassing and rage-inducing. At least 1 of them was arrested for taking part in the insurrection. He’s the tweet he sent before he went off to prison:

It wasn’t always like this here, but Trumpism is a strong poison with a long half life.

The hateful abortion bill passed out of the Judiciary Committee and those extremists voted down exceptions for rape and incest. Here are some of the dipshits who sided with rapists and pedophiles.

This is what Pat McGeehan said about the bill:

Men perpetrating such horrific acts makes me unsettled at times,” said Republican Del. Pat McGeehan, who noted he has a daughter. He voted against the exception. “It’s very disturbing and these are contentious questions we have to deal with. However, when we confront such evil, we cannot participate in evil itself.”

McGeehan said by creating exceptions, even for rape and incest, lawmakers would be sending the message that “the value of life is not unconditional.”

“An innocent life is still an innocent life, regardless of the evil act,” he said. “We have to have moral absolutism. The real question here is: Is it ever just to punish an innocent person for a crime committed by someone else? My answer is absolutely not.”

Here the “innocent life” is not the 10 year old who was raped, but the fetus. It’s disgusting. It’s even worse because the extremist state legislature passed a law pushing 50/50 custody. So rape and incest victims will have worry about splitting custody with their abusers.

This is Christ Pritt speaking about a bill that would essentially prohibit teachers from teaching about racism:

“And so if we don’t get a handle on this — and I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, this a pro-public school bill — if we don’t get a handle on this you know what’s going to happen? Our public schools are going to be undermined. The faith in our public schools is going to be discounted.

“We need to strengthen our public schools, and the way we do that is when certain concepts that are contrary to the ideas of our country are being taught then parents, teachers and kids should have an outlet. This is what this bill does.”

And then there’s Riley Keaton.

Enough said, right?

The public comment session is underway today at the statehouse. This is how the Republican delegates reacted when a woman was talking about child rape. Yep. Sitting on their asses looking at their phones:

They just hate women.

A majority of West Virginians support access to abortion. Under the current extremist rule, it doesn’t matter. The state motto is “Mountaineers Are Always Free”. It’s a lie. Once again, women have to get to work to preserve their freedom. Here’s a song celebrating that:


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  1. Having lived 59 of my 65 years on this Earth in Wild & Wonderful West Virginia I’ve seen a few low points. Governor jailed. Our near bankruptcy (twice). Multiple industry caused catastrophes, environmental and otherwise. A legislative coup that took over the State Supreme Court. But for the combination of naked self interest combined with cruel ignorance, this very special session may take the cake.

  2. They hate themselves for wanting a woman and transfer that hate to all women.

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