Primary Colors

Cassandra has already covered the Kansas abortion rights vote, but a good featured image is a terrible thing to waste. It memes the John Steuart Curry mural, Tragic Prelude, which can be found at the Kansas state capitol and on the cover of the eponymous 1974 album by Kansas the band, not the state.

As if the whole Kansas the band thing isn’t confusing enough, anti-abortion zealots got sneaky with this referendum. A no vote supported abortion rights and a yes vote overruled the state Supreme Court’s interpretation of the state constitution. I wonder if Kansans refer to their court as SCOK?

The anti-choice group thought they’d win because Kansas is a red state and primary elections have low turn outs. Wrong and wronger. They took a severe ass kicking 59-41. That’s a landslide in any election that Trump doesn’t lose, then it’s rigged. I am, of course, joking. Does that make me a wayward son?

The Kansas referendum was the big news of the night but there were primaries elsewhere.

In Missouri, the marginally less bad ERIC won the GOP senate primary. All the Trump endorsement did was cause confusion. That’s why I call him the Kaiser of Chaos.

I haven’t posted that image for a while. This is as good a time as any time.

The picture in Arizona is murkier as Proud Boy Mark Finchem won the GOP nomination to be secretary of state. He’s an election denier who was present at the creation of the Dipshit Insurrection.

Crazy Trumper Kari Lake is leading in the Goober primary and Peter Thiel protege Blake Masters won the GOP senate nomination. Unfortunately, January 6 committee witness Rusty Bowers was routed in his state lege race. The good news is that Arizona is now a swing state, so nomination is NOT tantamount to election. It will be a state to watch come November.

The political forecast is for partially cloudy Arizona Skies:

Michigan Republicans have nominated a Trumper with a silly name to oppose Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in her reelection race, Tudor Dixon. I am not making this up.

Malaka of the Week “honoree” Garret Soldano was out crazied by Tudor who was endorsed by former President* Pennywise.

Tudor Dixon has one of the most punworthy names ever. I hope I don’t have to tutor Tudor about past Tudors. She can always watch this swell teevee show to learn more:

If she doesn’t like Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry Tudor, there’s always Damian Lewis:

I enjoyed going from Los Lobos to Wolf Hall. Let’s try on some X for size:

That song made me hungry. Back to Tudor Dixon and some food-related shtick. I hope she has better table manners than Charles Laughton as Henry VIII:

But does Tudor eat pizza with a knife and fork while in the company of Sarah Palin?

I’m in a silly mood this week. It’s a way of coping with a bad case of midterm election jitters. I wish every election did NOT have such high stakes but that’s been the case since 2016. That’s when the GOP degenerated into a cult led by a man who resembles a giant talking carrot from a campy episode of Lost In Space:

I couldn’t resist reposting that deeply silly image. Now I’m craving carrot cake. Mmm, carrot cake.

The last word goes to Rick Wakeman with my favorite song from The Six Wives Of Henry VIII:

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