BFD Redux

I’ve been fixated by the DOJ and Georgia investigations into the Impeached Insult Comedian. My inner attorney has reemerged with a vengeance. I’m like a shark sensing blood. Plus, the Trumpers are flailing about wildly, which makes it hard to resist attacking.

That’s a long way of saying that I’ve violated the Mercer Maxim and have failed to accentuate the positive. There’s a lot of positives out there right now. Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer have had a remarkable run this summer. Many declared them political roadkill only fit to rot on the side of the road. The conventional wisdom was wrong.

Note the featured image from the signing ceremony. Joey B Shark isn’t smiling at the Man of La Manchin. It looks like stink eye to me, but I might be projecting. I would have been tempted to stab him in the eye with that pen instead of handing it to him. I guess I’ve been watching too much film noir for my own good.

The process was ugly, and the victory is incomplete but it’s a good start and points out the need to elect more Democrats. Things are looking up on that front: the GOP is reducing spending in Pennsylvania and Arizona because those candidates are bad, bad, bad. It’s a long way until election day so stay tuned.

Even before yesterday, the Biden record was something to behold as you can see from this graphic stolen from MSNBC:

Presumably, you remember when a hot mic captured then Veep Joey B Shark telling then President Barack Obama that the ACA was “a big fucking deal.” Obama remembers:

Chuck Schumer may have learned the secret to dealing with Joe Manchin: do it privately and discreetly. Manchin seems to negotiate in bad faith when the cameras are on and in good faith when they’re not. If there were more Democratic senators, Manchin becomes less relevant and can be sidelined.

I’ve never agreed with those who lumped the two Democratic problem children together as Sinemanchin. They may agree on the filibuster, but the Sinematic senator wanted the climate aspects of the bill. She even finally acted like a politician and got something for Arizona in exchange for her support. That’s how Blue Dogs are supposed to act.

There’s a lot more work to be done on the ambitious agenda President Biden ran on but his accomplishments have been remarkable. Here’s what my main man Lawrence O’Donnell said about it:

That’s a polite way of saying that it’s a big fucking deal or as they say in Lawrence’s hometown of Dorchester, Mass: it’s wicked awesome.

The last word goes to XTC. The lyrics might not work but the title does.